If others are doing it then why on earth, not you?

If others are creating the life they want, then why the heck not you?

If others are dreaming big dreams and doing the work to make it happen, then what makes you so special that it will not work for you too?

I mean seriously, why, oh why or maybe I should say, WHEN, oh when, will you wake up and live?

When will you decide that you are going to have all you want in this ONE life that you get?

Why not go all out and do whatever it takes to make it a great experience for you and for yours?

I mean, it is not just about you, is it?

Although, so what, if it was?

So what if you wanted to be richer than Solomon and it was all for you!


I know that they have told you that it is selfish to think that way but really, WHY?!

What makes it selfish?

YOU have such untapped potential inside of you and all the time you hold yourself back because it might be selfish of you!

According to who?

If what you do, does not hurt anyone else, then why is it selfish?

Have you ever stopped to think about the beliefs you have underneath the surface…

Because those beliefs are running the show and you are not paying attention.

You wake up each day and you do the same thing as you did yesterday while internally wishing that life could be different and the question I must ask you is “Who are you waiting for to make it different for you?”

Everyday, someone other than you , is waking up to the fact that the only thing that kept them in place was their own flawed ideas about what was possible for them and one day, they wake up and realize, NO MORE!

“I want more than this and I am going to do whatever it takes to make it happen!”

So why do you not do that as well?

Why do you not become that person that wakes up and determines to go ALL OUT to create the life and the business that you dream of.

Because from my point of view over here, it is selfish and irresponsible for you not to.

Because I know you!

You have something to offer the world that no one else has and all the time you keep playing this game of weakness and stuck-ness and so people are not getting served in the way that you alone could serve so yes, honey, right now, I think your fear, your self doubt, your lack of belief in the power of your vision is SELFISH, IRRESPONSIBLE AND pretty darned annoying!

Yes I know it feel hard to really step up and claim all that you could have…

It feels so unknown, so way out there, so alien to the way you have lived to date and you desperately want someone to come rescue you…

I get it, I did it and some days, I still do it…

Hoping that this trick over here will work or that bullet over there will be the exact thing that I need to do in order to accelerate my life and business growth.

The truth is, the power we carry, is found in the inner wisdom that has been a part of us since birth.

We were created with it.

It is not something we have to learn – The junk that surrounds that inner wisdom is what we have to unlearn.

Remember what it was like for a short time as a child to know that whatever you wanted to do was absolutely possible and then your parents tried to tame you, to prepare you for a life of disappointment, they did not want you to have too many high ideals because they had experienced so much pain and they possibly had had to toe the party line so they trained you in the only way they knew how.

But deep down inside you, there was an itch, a dissatisfaction, a feeling that something was not quite right about this way of living but you looked all around you and all the adults seemed to be trapped doing things that they had settled for and so, you let your dreams go.

If they, with more experience than you, could not do it, then who were you to think you could?

In fact there was a weird misplaced sense of loyalty that meant you kept that it felt wrong to earn more than your parents or friends or people in your immediate circle. It never occurred to you that your circle was just plain wrong!

You were created for more than this and so are they but if they refuse to take it up then that does not mean you have to refuse to live out your dreams, you know?!

So, lets go back to the start…

If others are doing it then why the heck not you?

If others are creating the life they want, then why the heck not you?

If others are dreaming big dreams and doing the work to make it happen, then what makes you so special that it will not work for you too?

At the moment, you are answering these questions based on your current circle of friends and influencers but open your eyes…
LOOK UP, read the stories of leaders in past days, leaders in whatever it is you dream of, right now…

They are people JUST LIKE YOU!

Do you think they did not have the same thoughts you currently are having? Do you think that even now they have transcended them?

NOPE, they have not.

They just make a different choice every time those crazy thoughts pop up.

They choose to win…

They choose to succeed…

They choose to keep creating the life they want…

They choose to reject all limitations…

And you are able to make that choice too…

Will you?

If it is a Hell yes, then I am currently offering ‘rapid business growth’ consultations for free. they last about 25-30 minutes and in that time, we will get clear on what you want to make happen, identify and begin the process of eliminating all obstacles, and put together a next step plan for you. If interested, pop on over to RosemaryNonnyKnight.com/90days to apply for one.

It is time to fight for, to create the life and the business you want!

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