You feel out of options.

You have tried EVERYTHING, you say…

And nothing is working for you.

Well, if that is true, why not try doing the only thing that is working for you – NOTHING

Stop with all the DOING

Stop with all the looking for another thing to DO

Stop with all the looking to see what everyone else is DOING

Just stop, stop, STOP!

NOTHING is working for you.

The clue is in the statement.

Instead of seeing it as some form of defeat, recognise that you are being called into the silence, the stillness, the connection to LOVE

All of the trying everything is distracting you from the quiet call within you to NOTHING

The Divine is calling you to start listening within again

The Divine is calling you to stop running away from the answers you claim to want.

You have already tried everything

Everything except NOTHING

Everything except healing your inner parts

Everything except going all in on loving, trusting and accepting yourself.

It seems too…nothing

It seems lazy

You are so used to rushing here, there and everywhere

Running faster, faster, faster and getting somewhere… but never where you hoped to get.

NOTHING is working, so do NOTHING.

Come back home to YOU, my love

It is both inviting and scary.

You long for home, a safe place within yourself

You are also scared of all the stuff that needs resolving within you

Stuff that you have tried to look at but it just seemed painful & pointless

It seems easier to do, do, DO

And yet, is it?

All that fear you keep lugging around as you wait for something to go wrong – You feel like you are on borrowed time

All that anxiety that is sitting in your chest/stomach/back of your head. It sometimes keeps you up at night

All that despair that this is as good as life can ever get

All the sadness and regret at how much time is passing by with you being anywhere but where you want to be.

All that desperation for more, more, MORE but sometimes, you don’t even know what the MORE is because the thirst never goes away.

Is it really easier to live that way?

Your choice, I guess.

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Much Amazing Love

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