‘THAT’ relationship.

It keeps drawing you back into the drama of it.

You keep hoping that ‘they’ have changed.

They even promise that things have changed this time.

And yet, when you return, it is all the same.

You both keep reacting to each other in the same old, same old way

And it is draining.

It feels like all the healing work you do in between seeing or being with this person, fades away in the heat of the moment and you are back to square one, reacting in the same way, hurting in the same way, wanting it all to be different but feeling the inevitable hurtful words coming out of your mouth and also, receiving the same in return.

But you do have a choice.

The thing is, fear is driving the show

“If I lose this person, I will be alone.

I can’t afford to lose this person

No one can ever really love me so this person has to be enough for me

It is wrong of me to even imagine not being with this person

What will people think of me, if I walk away from this person?

This is as good as love gets, who am I to think I can do better than this?

I am out of time to find something better, I better just stick with this”

These are some of the underlying, unconscious ideas running you

And they keep you from loving yourself enough to STOP re-running the same hurtful patterns with this person.


You deserve better.

You deserve to be free.

You deserve true unconditional love.

CHOOSE a new response, my love.

The Divine whispers within you “There is another way”

Will you hear?

Go now to https://mibusiness.lpages.co/empower and get your copy of the 13 minute Empower Experience Meditation Audio ‘I AM DONE WITH THE DRAMA. I PUT MY VISION FIRST’ for just $7 / £5

Listen repeatedly – at least twice a day.

Expect your energy to shift around this relationship.

Set yourself free.

Much Amazing Love


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