The world’s system is to decide that you are either a victim or a persecutor.


We are all pretty darned strong.

Most may not want to admit it, of course.

It is easier to blame all manner of other things – Skin colour, religion, the Divine, no money, no time, too many responsibilities, too young, too old, wrong country, wrong parents, politicians, government, blah, blah, BLAH.

And so then most play into being victims.  Whilst those who are powerful and rich are cast in the role of persecutor.

What nonsense.


Some choose to use that power.

Other choose to pretend they can’t.

Or should I say, they refuse to take the time to figure themselves out and figure out how to use their own innate, God-given power.

They see it as a bad thing to claim to be powerful and so they remain victims of life, instead.

But there are no victims.

IF life feels yuk, it is time to manage your inner world so that yuk things stop coming your way.

And I know that that may sound harsh but do you want to continue in the YUK or not?

And yes, I am talking to you, action-oriented spiritual entrepreneur!

I am not talking to those sitting on their hands feeling sorry for themselves.

They have already given up and probably are not reading this anyway.

No, I am talking to YOU the one that most people think is strong.

I am talking to you the one who is out there pushing hard, doing what you can to move ahead.

I am talking to you, the one who is getting doggone tired and bored of the grind but cannot give up because to give up, would mean losing your identity.

Who are you without the drama of your vision?

Do you even remember?

And I get it, why would you even want to?

You know you are born for more.


However, I am talking to you because you are harbouring inner victim tendencies and I know this because I was you and some days, I can still be you.

I want to blame someone.

Or myself.

Anything to get me off the hook of having to change the energy I am sending out into the world.

Anything to avoid having to master my inner world.

These days, I know too much.

I cannot hide from the truth and Papa will not let me anyway. He knows that I have too huge a vision to stay stuck in some internally generated drama and so I am told pointblank when I start playing the victim again.

It is insidious.

It can seem like you are so justified.

And because you are that person who is willing to do the work, it can seem like there is no way you are being the victim because you are so busy, so committed to your business and vision, so committed to service etc.

On the outside, you look as though you can do no wrong.

But if your life feels YUK, you have to take full responsibility for it and NO, it is not enough to just work and work and work.

The chances are you are working very hard doing the stuff that does not need to be done because you are avoiding the stuff that does need to be done.

But hey, you feel busy, right?!

You feel like you are helping some loved one or some person you consider weaker than you (you would never admit it, of course), even if you resent what you have to do.  You also like to be needed.


YOU are totally responsible for your life experience, honey.

You have to realise this.

There is no point poking the finger at anything.

there is no point pretending that things are fine when they are not.

well, I guess you could but then you would have worked so hard to get absolutely NOWHERE!

What a pity that would be!

And no, this is not a license to indulge guilt, shame or self-judgement either because that is STILL distracting you from the real work and another method that victims use to avoid the real work.

Come on!

WE both know you are pretty darned powerful.

We both know there is so much more to you than meets the eye.

WE BOTH KNOW you desire so much more out of life.

Well, it is time to master your inner world.

It is time to take charge of your energy.

It is time to stop pretending that you don’t see where you are holding back.

It is time to LOOK WITHIN unflinchingly and handle your business!

And it does not have to be hard.

The anticipation is worse than the actual doing of it.

Like most profound things, it is all simple stuff.

But getting yourself to trust and to lean in, can prove quite hard for people like you and I.

Too many hurts and drama have caused us to stop trusting and to depend too much on the work of our own hands.

And yet, if you want more, then you had better start looking within and handling stuff.

It is holding you back.

Yes, there is physical work to be done, make no mistake about it.

But not at the expense of the inner work.

Honey, let me make it plain to you…


And again, if life feels yuk right now, then wake the heck up and shift things.

It is telling you that something is wrong so STOP AVOIDING it.


Join me now for WIN THE WAR WITHIN.

Master yourself.

Master the deliberate life design process.

Then know exactly what to do to get everything you want in your work, relationships, money and health.

Much Amazing Love

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