Everyone thinks their sad story is JUST THE WORST.

It isn’t.

Everyone likes to think their excuses and reasons for not doing the work of building a purpose-aligned, 6 figure coaching, healing, course-creator business are so valid.

They aren’t.

The truth is simple – You either build it or you don’t

No one’s life is perfect and usually, whatever reason you are giving as your OH SO TRUE reason for not growing your business is exactly what a successful business owner used as a reason TO GROW.

Stop deceiving yourself – You either build your purpose-aligned 6 figure business or you don’t – All your reasons and excuses are nonsense.

Your life will not get better until you do something to make it better

Your bank account will not improve until you DO SOMETHING to improve it

People will keep treating you like a doormat and keep keeping you away from building your vision until you DO SOMETHING to stop them – Something like BUILD THE FREAKING VISION and make it a priority in your life and be so freaking focused that you no longer have time for all the distracting, yet OH SO URGENT, requests and demands that others keep making on you.

Guess what?!  they will usually find a way forward without your help.

And guess what else?!  You will be better able to support whoever you want to support when you are allowing yourself to be your true design, PROFITABLE self!

So for goodness’ sake, stop with the excuses, the reasons, the sad stories and answer me this – Do you want to live out your calling or not?

And then also answer me this – Do you want to make money while living out your calling?

If the answer to both these questions is YES, then realise that life will not calm down and become perfect and peaceful so that you can oh so easily start or grow your business.

Realise there is no better time than RIGHT NOW to just get on with it, unless you want even more wasted time to regret

Realise that you will probably need to use other people’s money (as in credit or whatever) to get going because no, you will probably not have a stash of cash set aside to invest in your business (which is probably one of the reasons you started the business in the first place, right?!)

Realise that it will demand courage/faith beyond anything you have ever had to demonstrate and you will be sooo proud of yourself for demonstrating it.

Realise that life may get worse first before it gets better and yep, all that faith and courage will be required to ride the storm and keep keeping on until you breakthrough

Realise that all the deep inner work and prayer /fasting /tithing (or whatever) in the world will not replace the actual physical actions you will need to take

Also, realise that the actual actions required to build a 6 Figure business are not that hard but your brain is convincing you that they are – This then causes you to procrastinate, start, stop, start, stop, price yourself really low, target broke people and make the whole thing harder than it needs to be which then convinces you further that you were right about how hard it is.

The struggle is in your head, my love.

And you will see that once you are truly committed and determined to make 6 figures in your purpose-aligned coaching, healing, course-creator business.


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