I love my princesses.

That kinda goes without saying but this morning as I write this, I have been watching them on YouTube expressing themselves.  And it is awesome to watch because they are fearless!  They have not yet learnt to judge everything before they let it out into the world.

They have an idea, they put it out there. They move on to the next idea.


Remember what that was like?

To believe enough in yourself to just express whatever you wanted and see what stuck.

You did not attach any deep meaning to anything…

Because deep inside, you knew you were loved so the result of any one idea did not shake that!

You had an idea, you implemented it and sometimes, it worked and other times, it did not but you just carried on to the next thing.

Then LIFE happened and you bought into the drivel about being responsible and practical and organised and unworthy and so you stopped experimenting with your ideas.

Or were you ever that free?

Maybe, you have always stifled your ideas because you never felt secure enough just to put your ideas out there.

Whichever way, you are here now – In a world where your ideas seem almost irrelevant to your life…

A place where you judge everything and wonder if it is good enough to ever see the light of day…

A place where though you have many ideas bubbling up beneath the surface, you feel too overwhelmed to actually do anything about them…

A place where you want more from your life but feel afraid to experiment with your ideas.

And that is pretty unfortunate…

Because there is so much within you that could just be put out there…

Yes, you have buried it beneath your fears…

Yes, you have told yourself time and time again that it is not practical…

And yet, ideas really are the pathway to creating a ‘Because I want to’ Life

A fearless determination to put your ideas out into the marketplace and let THEM decide if they want it!

Instead of you being the judge and jury for every idea that comes your way.

Soon enough, you will feel blocked creatively or maybe you already do!

You will need to coax those ideas to come back to you!

You will need to start again to practice being an idea generator like you were born to be.

And you must unless you want to die dissatisfied.

Take courage in the knowledge that you can start to put your ideas out in the world while still doing whatever it is that you are doing now.  You don’t have to quit everything to begin experimenting with new ideas.  NOPE, that just leads to desperation.

Instead, love yourself enough to stop drowning out the creativity inside of you.  YES, YOU ARE CREATIVE and it goes beyond art, music and all those obvious forms of creativity.  You have ideas that can give birth to new things that others on the planet can enjoy.

But we, in the planet, will never get to experience them if you keep acting from fear.

I know there is a tendency to think that there are so many people on the planet and why on earth do your ideas matter?  They matter because you are here for a reason and though you get the choice to move through your life unnoticed and ignored – THAT IS NOT WHAT YOU ARE CREATED FOR AND IT IS DEFINITELY NOT WHAT YOU WANT!

You may call it humility to think that way but really, it is not!

IT is fear.

Your ideas are the pathway to a new experience of life – Dare to put them out there.

You don’t do it for instant fame…

You don’t do it for billionaire status in 3 seconds…

You do it because you are here and you want to leave a legacy, impact others for good and create a wealthy, abundant life doing work that you love to do.

So stop looking externally for all your answers, look inside to the ideas bubbling up within.

Love yourself enough to put them out in the world…

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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