Over a billion people use Facebook on a regular basis, there is a high probability of your clients and customers being there. The question is how do you find them? And this article attempts to set you on the right path.

1. Determine who your ideal client is

Do you know your customer profile? Do you know who you want to serve? Lots of business owners get stuck on this point and decide to go with a ‘everyone is my customer’ stance but this rarely works unless you have a limitless budget. Most small business owners do not have that privilege!

So, take a moment to write out your ideal customer profile – Where do they live? What do they do? What is their sex? How old are they? What books or magazines do they read? What car do they drive? Think through as much detail as you can, including the reason they would invest in your product or service.

It is okay if you have more than one person that you want to work with. Just be clear on who they are.

2. Take a look at your Facebook Page insights

If you have a Facebook page currently, look at your insights and figure out if your fans and the people you want to connect with align. You can even go into Facebook audience insights within the adverts manager and peruse the interest of the people on your page. Do they seem to align with the ideal customer you want in your world? No? then it is time to make adjustments and you do that by following the next few points.

Yes?, great! Start asking them to take the next step with you and also follow the following points

3. Where do your ideal people congregate?

Another great thing about Audience Insights is the fact that you can find out more about what the people you want to attract are into. You can search via interests and see what Facebook pages come up for people who are interested in a certain thing. And then you can go to those pages and see what kind of content the page uses to engage people. Does your content seem to align?

No, the idea is not to completely emulate anyone else but it is to make sure that you are talking of things that are interesting to the people you want to attract to your business.

Go to the blog of the Facebook pages and see any comments being left on posts and also the posts themselves. All this research will give you more ideas of content that will attract the right people into your world and onto your Facebook page.

4. Use Graph Search

If you are able, use graph search as well to dig deeper and investigate further everything what your idea customers like. Really enter the head of your ideal customer on Facebook and start to think like they think about things so that you are able to give your opinion in a way that speaks to them. You need to be able to talk about issues that matter to them and doing this research and immersing yourself into their world will make it so much easier to attract them.

5. Go into your Adverts manager

If you do not have the right kind of people on your Facebook page then it may be wise to do a few ‘like’ ads to attract them. I find that it is better to keep ‘like’ campaigns a bit broader than more specific ads. However, make sure that you are using some of the targeting options that Facebook provides to attract more of the right people. If you are advertising using a $10 budget, I would suggest that you are targeting about 1 million people for that budget and then increase or reduce as you see fit. Ultimately, you will need to try different things in order to see what works. I have had great results with less than ten thousand targeted and more than a million targeted so regardless of what the gurus say, it is all trial and error.   You just get a lot better at it, the more experience you have! So, please get some experience. Start with $5 if necessary.

The idea is to get people onto your page for as little a cost as possible. Do not go crazy – $1 a like is, in my mind far too extravagant.

6. Start asking questions

As you get more of the right people on your page, ask them what they want. This may be a post to boost as well, if you so choose. Of course, you only boost it to the people who like your page.

7. Prepare a lead magnet based on the information they give you

Listen in to what they are saying and create a lead magnet or two and test for free on your page to see what your fans respond to and then again, boost to the people on your page if you seem to be getting great results.

Get people onto your mailing list where you have a lot more control and then put them through your autoresponder series and make some sales.

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