I work my socks off.

On any given day, you will see me writing, typing, reading, thinking, putting plans in action, ignoring my family at times (as I work from home and have home educated princesses), making sure that each day I go to bed, spent.

I do not always succeed because some days, I get stuck in the “Am I good enough?” phase and possibly, at times, I feel guilty that I give so much time to my work.

And then I pick myself up and wake up round about 4am the next day and do it all again.

Could I do this for someone else?  NOPE!

Could I do this if I was being made to?  NOPE!

Could I do this if this was just a way to make money? NOPE! In fact, every time I get overly focused on the money, I lose motivation.

I do it out of sheer love of the work firstly and yes, I also have a HUGE desire to see others succeed.

No, I am really not all that altruistic, I do it because I can and I want to and for too long, I pretended not to be able to and I am making up for lost time!

I love writing, I love reading, I love speaking, I love putting courses together that will help people make significant shifts in their life, I love helping people break free from their weird beliefs like I did, I love getting them to start up businesses and get customers in.  I LOVE all that I currently do for work and I intend to be super rich while loving life.  I am ok at the moment financially but I have millions in mind!

AND I love what I do!

And I want everyone else to love what they do too and so I work tirelessly trying to help them tap into their greater calling so that they too begin to experience the exhilaration that I feel.

Like you, I did not always love what I did.

And some days, it was such a hardship to drag myself out of bed and go do what someone wanted me to do but then I latched on to my vision and I allowed myself to create it.

I actually allowed myself to believe that I could build a life I adored and now, I love my life.

There are a few niggles here and there – Usually to do with being dragged away from my work to be a mum, wife or friend but otherwise, I love what I do so it does not feel like work to me.

Would you like a life like this?

It is not easy to get to!  I may love to work hard doing the things I like to do but that is not the same as ssaying it is always easy to work this hard.  I do not live in a vacuum after all.  There are areas of my life that need work and I know it- for instance, I could move more!

As much as I love what I do, there is still the intense emotional tension inside of me like I talked about in this post over here – And actually, it is the fact that I love what I do that keeps me going at times – Odd, I know.

And yet, do you want the pleasure and the pain? Yep, you will get both.

Do you want to know that you are fulfilling your purpose on this planet?

Then honey, you and I, may be weird enough to work together.


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