Every day, I wake up and I wonder if today will be the day that you take yourself seriously…

There is so much potential in you…

So much brilliance and yet, you refuse to see it…

You tell yourself that you are stuck and that you are unable to change anything…

You keep waiting for that voice from heaven to shout out at you but it never will because…

You have everything, EVERYTHING you need to succeed right here at your fingertips but you refuse to see it.

You allow yourself to get scared about what could happen if you left behind what you consider to be familiar ground and so, the vast expanses of what could be your life are left unexplored and you live in this small space.

And I do see that you are pretty comfortable in that little box of yours and people look up to you in that box of yours, and so it is easy to stay there…

It is easy to pretend that you do not wish for a different experience of life…

It is easy to pretend that you are giving it your all when really, you are not…

You are living a half-life…

And unless you do something about it soon, you will go to the grave with your music still in you.

You do have gifts and talents and strengths that can impact a whole lot of people and yet you hide them away and because you hide them, they are rusty and you think that you can not use them to make a difference.

But deep down, you do want to…

Why not start to do something little each day?

Why not start to create those products?

Why not use your formidable negotiation skills to find someone else’s product to sell?

Why not join that network marketing company and sell the products that have made such an impact on you?  Now you can help others experience the same result.

Why not use your gifts to help someone get something they want?  A result that comes so easily to you but others find so hard to do like

  • build websites for those who can’t
  • get a team together and get them cleaning windows for the people in your locality
  • set up a social media strategy for local businesses and help them implement it
  • show them how to get over grief
  • show them how to write that book
  • paint them a mural
  • give them a motivational speech
  • open up the bible and make it come alive
  • Offer to cook meals and deliver them – Impact a family with good home cooking
  • Coach people to deal with their debt
  • Show people how to invest in stocks and shares
  • Show people how to invest in property
  • Show young people that they can create anything with their life
  • Teach people about the best use of water

Go on, tell me what you would like to do…

And then tell me why you think you cannot do it.

And I will tell you that it is all a lie!

A lie designed to keep you trapped in place…

And you keep buying into the lie…

You keep thinking it is too complicated to start your own business, to begin living your own life…

You think that people will think you are too full of yourself and so what if they do?

Why does anyone else’s opinion of you affect you so much?

YOU get one life, my friend, and for you to spend that one life appeasing the opinions of anyone other than yourself is just a HUGE PITY!

And the world suffers as a result!

Every single one of us on this planet is here for a reason and while you pretend to be just the same as everyone else, it means we do not experience what you are here to deliver.

Why do you consistently do this?

Why will you not believe in yourself?

You have already accomplished so much so why do you make this sooo different?

I know it is because it is so close to your heart.  And if you fail at this, then you will feel like a failure forever but that whole way of thinking is a fallacy.  There is just no way to fail at being you, UNLESS YOU STOP!

And if you choose to start this journey, why would you ever stop?

Your whole life will suddenly take on so much meaning!

YOU will start to create a life, a business on actions that you love to take and after the initial phase where you figure out what  promotional tactics work best for you and your business, then life will flow, life will feel easy…

Because you wake up and you do YOU!


No more performing for an employer…

No more performing for anyone…

YOu wake up, you do YOU, you make money, you impact the world!

How cool is that?

It just takes courage to believe it is possible for you.

And I know that you are surrounded by lots of people who have convinced you that it is impossible…

I mean, they themselves think it is impossible so of course they try to keep you down…

And so, to step away form the ‘norms’ and become your own person will prove hard but it is not impossible, you can do it!  YOU CAN DO IT!

And it starts today…

You make a decision to start your journey, to actually fill your life with more of the things you want to do, rather than feeling trapped by things you feel you HAVE TO do…

And you are blessed to live in this day and age where you have access to so many people on social media, you can today start building an audience by starting to talk about your plans in public on your social media profiles.

And then you can put together packages of your services, or products and start to offer it to anyone who seems interested.  Join groups, mention what you have on offer, start your own group and invite your people in and tell them how you can help.

Be consistent

Accept and TRULY BELIEVE that it is OKAY, MORE THAN OKAY to live life on your own terms or else you will start to think you are being selfish when you are not!

Take full responsibility for creating a life you absolutely love.

And honey, you need a mentor, a coach, a mastermind group that will stand with you as you take these steps into a more expansive version of life.  You need it because the ‘norms’ will try to take you back…

The ‘norm’ part of your own brain will also keep trying to get you to stop taking action.

And you must choose to no longer let it.

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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