I AM odd…

I AM different…

I AM pretty selfish by the standards of those around me…

I can even seem heartless and callous at times…

I think and do weird things that no one understands

And I can see why peeps find me awkward so I never really feel all that angry at them because I can see from their vantage point that I AM crazy and sometimes VERY hard to be around! 😀

Let me start by saying that, because I am not some ‘hero’…

I am simply a girl who has caught a vision for what life can be

And who refuses to settle for less anymore.

I have seen the pearl of great price and I am willing to sell everything to get it

As a story that Jesus told, it seems noble

In reality, it feels frightening when doing the ‘sell everything’ part

The deliberate path I am on, can be pretty darned scary…

It seems to keep demanding that I let go of more and more of the things I thought I needed for security…

And now that I have told you how terrible the terrible can be (and that is just the tip of the iceberg!)

The good can be pretty AWESOME…

Because of this ‘oddness’ of mine, I have created an amazing life

Not perfect

It still has many issues

But overall, I am thankful and I would not swap my intimacy with Papa and my awesome life for anything.

I know I am downplaying the good part but it is deliberate, as you will see.

I feel crazy at times for inviting others onto this deliberate life path…

Because unlike the movies where the ‘hero’ of the film goes through the lowest of lows and comes up in triumph within about 120 minutes…

This deliberate path can take a long long time to resolve

And all you have in the middle of it, is your connection to Source…

And faith that everything always works out for the good of those who are living to their true design…

(And yep, my voice calling you on higher, if you decide to do life with me, of course)

For the most part, you do not know the end from the beginning

Yep, you know what you believe will happen – There is a deep resonance within you that says all will be well if you let go of the shore and sail into unknown territory…

But you also battle a constant wondering if you are simply diving off the deep end into nothing

I remember marrying my hubby, leaving my career as a pharmacist, paying thousands I did not have to coaches, walking away from church, starting to talk about sexuality and spirituality publicly, breaking my business until it fit my TRUE DESIGN, being on the brink of a second bankruptcy and STILL forging ahead and many many MANY other more private decisions I have felt called to make on this deliberate life path…

They all felt scary…


You feel wrong a lot of the time and have to learn to love and accept yourself despite how wrong you just may be!

And for the most part, peeps just think you are being difficult so if you are looking for assurance, you will not find it unless you are wise enough to work with a coach who understands what you are going through.

This path takes resilience

Relentless focus on the vision

Pig-headed determination to bring it to life

An unwavering ability to stare at yourself and LOVE YOURSELF despite all your perceived flaws which WILL DEFINITELY come up for air

AND the tenacity and power to keep moving forward physically while healing internally

Even on the days when you just want to lie under the blanket and lick your wounds., you will STILL need to be consistent.

This is not some ‘let me make a quick buck doing whatever will make me money fast’ path – You had better go get a job, if that is what you want

This is not some ‘let me go meditate on a mountain and leave the world behind’ path – You had better go join a monastery or just keep attending retreats or something because we are IN THE WORLD, even if not ‘of’ it.

This is you deliberately saying you will be both SPIRITUAL AND RICH

You WILL make a difference, change lives AND be wealthy financially AND all while living to your true design, no matter how odd and out there that may seem.

You will no longer settle for less in any area of life

And if that means you lose everything to gain your soul…


Needless to say, this path is not for everyone

Most will think I am overly dramatic (I can certainly be that!)

And yet, that is who I am looking for…

The warriors

The leaders

Those who are willing to stare directly into the fire and keep on walking through it

Those who feel called in the deepest depths of their soul to a new way of doing life

Those who know they are here to make a massive difference with a message inside of their soul that needs to come out

Those who are willing to go the distance to figure out how to create a prosperous income while living to their true design

They will sit in the tension of this without trying to resolve everything before it is time to do so

We are wayshowers

Bringers of the new



New breed leaders


Placed on this planet at this time to rise above current circumstances, no matter how good or bad, and show a different way to do life.

Is this you?

Let us do life together on the Deliberate Millionaire Pathway

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