I know you know this and yet, I see you standing there, waiting, waiting, waiting…

What do I know you know?

I know you know you are important to the evolution of this planet

I know you know you carry a message within you that certain people need to know

I know you know you are born to make a difference in a bigger bolder way

And yet, I also know that sometimes, you doubt it

You tell yourself you are too proud

You tell yourself that you cannot do it

You tell yourself to stay put in a life that does not feel great

You tell yourself that it is ‘nice’ to keep putting everyone else’s agenda before yours…

You tell yourself you have too many responsibilities to be going after ‘dreams’

But though you tell yourself this nonsense


I know you know that you will never truly experience happiness until you surrender to the true design of your life


You have known it forever

But you have bought into the silly ways of the world

The world that needs you to shine your light because it is hurting

It needs spirit-driven people like you to shine brightly

And yet, you listen to it telling you how to live


You KNOW this

But instead you sit around complaining

Dabbling a little at this and that

But not taking yourself seriously enough and so no one else takes you seriously either…

And so yes, I see that you have created a good enough life

I see that most would even call you successful


And so you are capped

You are limited

And you feel it

Yes, you can change job to something you hope will make you happier but you may already have tried that and found that you are back there in the emptiness, in the feeling that there is something else you need to be doing with your life

And then you try to do the whole spiritual bypassing thing where you try all these wonderful spiritual practices but take no real action to build the life you desire

And you wonder why it still does not work…

Deep down, you KNOW!

But you keep up this self-deception…

I know you are doing something but you are not ALL THE WAY IN and you know it…

So can we just stop this now and get you fully on the narrow path?

Can we please just rip off the band-aid?

The world is waiting on you and frankly, it is selfish for you to keep laying this small game

And you know what?! more importantly than the world, YOU NEED YOU TO AWAKEN

Yes, honey, you are that important

And I know you know this.

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Much Amazing Love

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