I have seen something.

The possibility of something.

The definiteness of something.

The opportunity of something

And it stirs my heart.

I have seen it and I cannot unsee it.

All of us prospering

All of us leading

All of us shepherding this world into a new era of prosperity for all

All of us becoming our TRUE DESIGN selves

Free, fulfilled, financially abundant, LOVE-DRENCHED


Every single soul remembering their divinity

Every single person remembering their ability to create their own reality

All of us knowing our oneness with each other and honouring each other while still living to our own fullness

Recognising that there are no limits

Recognising that there is more than enough for everyone

Each person KNOWING their own power and honouring their beautiful creative selves.

All of us enjoying life on this planet while we are here

All of us knowing that life gets to be BEAUTIFUL all of the time and choosing to create that, rather than scarcity, struggle and sacrifice as most are currently programmed to create.

All of us creating something of beauty to add to the planet, to leave our dent on the planet, to be part of the evolution of this planet.

I have seen this vision within me

It calls to me with its beauty and magnificence

I cannot unsee it

And so now, each moment of each day, I strategize with the Divine on how to bring this vision to the many

How to support them in seeing who they are

How to support them in REMEMBERING what we came here to do

I have left behind all lesser things and continue to do so, in order to give this vision my attention and energy.

I call it #PROJECT334K & The Deliberate Millionaire Path to Peace & Plenty – Over 334000 driven spiritual people who know they are meant for more, supported in living in their true design life – A free, fulfilled, financially abundant and love-drenched life, as defined by each individual.

And you have been drawn by the strength of my vision

There is no mistake about you being here.

You have asked for support and the Divine guided you here.

The question is ‘Are you truly ready for change?’

Because everything you see within yourself is possible for you, if you will act on what you are being guided to do.

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This is your next step.

You feel it within you.

You are tempted to make excuses for why you cannot move forward

And that is, of course, your right.

I exhort you to get over being the only thing in your own way


It is time to start your immersion in the things that will elevate you

It is time to prosper in every area of your life.

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The vision that beats within your breast is not going away.

You can distract yourself with drama, nonsense, food, drink, sex etc

But under all of that, this vision calls you, reminds you that there is more.

Surrender to its call and choose now to do whatever you must, in order to bring it to life.

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Reprogram yourself for prosperity now.

You deserve to thrive

You deserve to prosper.

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Much Amazing Love


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