I seek peace

Respite for my soul

So much hurt

So much pain

I just want relief and solace and tranquility

It has been a tough few years

Returning to myself

Shedding the skin of the past

Still more to go

And through it all, you are my constant

I find my home in you.

I am done with performing

I am done with the show

All I want is to be myself

No matter what that looks like

I allowed the world to dictate too much

And it took its toll

And now I remember that I find my home in you

Without all the rules and dogma

Which does feel a little scary

Maybe a lot scary.

It is like feeling my way in darkness.

Trusting my heart again.

They told me my heart was deceitful

And I believed them and turned away from simplicity

But I am tired of complication

I find my home in You

Make yourself even more real to me

Let me feel you flowing through me

I have turned away from all other things

To find my home in you

Nothing else has satisfied

Nothing else has even come close

I let it all go willingly

And find my home in You

You are my source

My safe place

My refuge from the storms

When I lean into you, I am powerful

I can face it all

I do not hide from the craziness

I face it all head on

But now I know my foundation is you

Not anything out there

That is all sinking sand

That is all shaky ground

I found my Home and solid rock in you!

Thank You for this adventure

It has taken me places I never thought I would go

It has stripped me bare so many times

I have been alone unable to explain

And yet, I am thankful

I love who I am revealing

I have found my home in you

I am still impatient

Still imperfect

Still unsure at times

And still I know you are ever present

An anchor for my soul

I love you, Papa

I always will

And sometimes, I get upset too

And yet I know that ultimately, I have found my home in You.

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