Honey, that is a very disempowering situation to have and it is liable to keep you broke and struggling at just enough for ever and ever.

The first step to breaking through this is figuring out why you feel it is wrong for you to make money because noone can make you feel anything unless you already agree with them at some level.

1. You feel greedy

Why do you think it is greedy to make a lot of money?  Do you feel there is a limit to what others can have as well?  Do you think that you getting yours, means you have to trample on other people and take away their rights?

A lot of people feel this way but the truth is this, everyone including you, has the ability to create wealth, if you so choose.  You are not taking it away from anyone because of course, you are delivering value (possibly MORE value than they are giving you in money!) and that is okay.

Also, the workman deserves his pay and so if you have hustled and received money then why feel guilty about it…

2. There is someone in my family who is quite broke and always asking me for money

Sometimes, making more money can make you feel exposed.  You become the well for everyone else in your family who think it is their right to ask you for money whenever they feel like it.  And you feel guilty if you do not give it to them.

They sometimes delight in making you feel guilty, which makes matters worse.   You wonder if you have to give them money if you are a ‘good’ person.

No, honey, you are not greedy for saying ‘no’ because again, everyone can choose to do what you do to create wealth and it is not your fault if they choose not to.

3. What if it is an older relative?

Again, do not get trapped into thinking you HAVE TO give anything.

There is such a thing as free will and until you can give freely, please do not feel manipulated to give money just because they demand it.  Think to yourself – “Would you treat your child the way your older relative is treating or manipulating you?”


Then do not allow yourself to be manipulated into feeling guilty either.

Spending the immediate returns of your hard work to keep family members happy is a sure fire way to go back to being broke in no time at all.  Be wise about your giving – it is not greedy to be savvy – It just means that when you are ready to give, you do it from an open heart and not because you feel manipulated into it.

There are many, MANY more reasons that you may have for feeling guilty about making money – What are yours?  Tell me in the comments below and I will try to help you work it out.

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