A little while ago, I decided to stop caring…

To stop caring about appealing to people I am not called to serve…

I have always preached this to my clients – The art of polarisation – Know your people and deliberately repel everyone else and yet, I had been trying too hard to help everyone…

And I can’t!

In fact, it saps my energy to try…

And then I am unable to do my best work with those I AM called to serve.

And so, I decided to take the limits off and start actively scaring off anyone who is not my person!

And so, now I send multiple emails a day to my mailing list…

The right people know it contains great stuff and they stick around…

The wrong people get uppity about the number of emails and leave (GREAT!)

They send me messages about why they unsubscribed and I don’t even bother to look at them anymore – I hit DELETE immediately and remove the bad energy from my life. (After all, they joined my list because they need help to make their business work. So how is their opinion on how to run my business going to help me? Neh… DELETE!)

I have stopped holding back on mentioning God because frankly, everything I do is informed by God.

Every morning, my day is created with the help of God.

Every moment, I am asking for wisdom from God…

That wisdom enabled me stop dabbling and leave pharmacy forever. That wisdom enables me in growing my own multiple six figure business. That wisdom enables me to support my people in doing the same…

And so trying to pretend that I was not intimately connected to Source because it might offend a few small minds, had become too irritating to continue!

I am not saying everyone gotta believe what I believe but I am saying that this is WHO I AM and I choose to build a business where I get to be who I am while doing the work I feel called to do! And you know what?! You can do it too!

I do videos without renewing my makeup because I am a regular human being who does not always look ‘ON’…

I randomly burst into song because again that is who I am and despite the rules being that I cannot do that if I want to appear professional, I have decided I do not care! It is exactly what my people need to open up and see something that can get them better results so I WILL DO IT!

I sit in bed most times to run my empire because I find my bed to be the best place to get stuff done – Yep, I know that some ‘experts’ would tell me not to mix sleep with work but you know what “I Don’t Care Anymore!”

The only thing I really care about…

Is My Purpose!

And You, the leader who is still reading this post, are a huge part of my purpose.

You have a call on your life and my mission is to support you in waking up and living it out.

And I will polarise everyone else in my quest to get to you!

This planet needs you to wake up and do the work you are born to do.

It needs you to realise that it is not selfish to live out your dreams.

It needs you to realise that your dreams are given to you because you are the one best placed to make it happen!

And frankly, honey, you will find most wealth and fulfilment when you allow yourself to live out the call on your life anyway!

So why go any other way?!

Yes, the path can seem really narrow at times and yes, I know it really does.

Yes, it can feel like you are walking through fire at times…

And yes, you may feel alone at times as no one, including the ones who love you, understands just how driven you feel to design the life you are born to live…

Yes, the debt and lack of money may feel tough to handle as you make the transition from regular paid job to irregular and seemingly erratic business income…

Yes, I get that it all feels tough…

And yet, honey, YOU MUST RISE UP AND DO IT!

There are systems to put in place to make your business work and it is time you learn how to do that…

And I am determined to show you how!

And anyone else who is not really in this to win it, just needs to go and find someone else to support them!

I only want to get YOUR attention!

Because it is YOU I am called to serve.

So, yes, I do not care anymore to reach everyone…

I care only about reaching you because today is the day that everything changes for you. Today is the day you start making the money you want to make and making the difference you want to make.

Are you ready?

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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Much Amazing Love 


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