I had a conversation with the Divine recently and this is how it went.

ME: I choose freedom and ease for the princesses & I.  Is it possible?


The Divine: It is as possible as you allow it to be.  Yes, this is your spiritual authority.  Can you create room within yourself for an easy life?  Can you allow your girls the freedom to find their own easy path? Does it really have to be hard for them?  Forget the ‘rules’.  What can you now choose to allow?


ME: The path of least resistance can be the path I take.  Just because I fought for everything, does not mean it has to be the same for the princesses.  I choose to live life more intuitively, with more trust in its unfolding, with more trust in my self and my desires.


The Divine: This is a new way of living for you.  You have no experience to draw upon.  No point looking.  You have always forced yourself to do things – ALWAYS – & it has worked to an extent.  However, you desire more –  A new way is required.


There is the empire builder who forces and pushes & cajoles herself to act & there will be some reward – some, not much & also a tiring need to keep doing this to win.


There is the empire builder who allows it to come together.  She follows the path of least resistance & highest excitement/joy.  trusting that one thing will magically lead to another, most prosperously.  She cannot completely explain it but somehow, she grows in leaps and bounds.  She learns to relax and trust her guidance, trust the path that feels like fun.  She is no longer trying to prove anything to anyone as she recognises that some of her choices seem crazy. And yet, she develops a deep abiding trust that EVERYTHING really does work beautifully for her.  She allows everyone to think whatever they like of her.


Her focus is on living life in touch with the creative force within.  The focus is on joy and bliss as she goes from one heartfelt desire to another.  She is riding the highs of peace & plenty with ME.  It feels like nothing can touch her.  She is riding the waves & she just keeps getting back up with laughter and joy within her


She is enthralled by her power to allow & create the most magnificent life.  She feels so light, so free, so magical, ao majestic.


She can no longer imagine going back to her old way of living life with all the rules & game playing.  She has discovered a secret, a precious, wonderful secret & she cannot return to life as it used to be.  Many souls, caught up in ‘struggle for everything’ life, call her back to their form of reason.  At times, she forgets her bliss & allows fear to cloud her judgement but then she remembers again – The pure bliss of living to her true design & she returns home to peace & plenty.


She tells those who will listen, of this life she has uncovered.  She tells them without needing them to agree.  She builds life with those who love this magical trail.  Her dreams easily come to life.  Even dreams she did not remember she had.  She is attached to nothing & no one. Yet, she loves ALL THINGS & ALL PEOPLE.  She is free from the need to prove anything or earn anything – She just lives exuberantly & everything falls into place for her, with ease.

So, tell me, did you feel the warm buzz in your heart as you read that?


Let’s live the magical life together.

Because I can assure you that this magical life is available to anyone who is willing to create it.

We are all powerful creators

We are all One with the Divine

We all have the ability to live well beyond our current limitations and to do it with ease and freedom.

The only question is “Will you allow it?”

I can and do show all my clients within the Incubator EVERYTHING I have learnt and continue to discover about the magical life.


Come join us

Come be a Deliberate Millionaire who lives life deliberately and intuitively and in deep connection to the Divine as you confidently create the life you desire to live for you and your family.

Stop delaying.

Stop listening to the fear voice

Stop allowing doubt to hold the reins in your life.

Come now as you feel the resonance in your heart – All the details are at https://mibusiness.lpages.co/deliberatemillionaire

Much Amazing Love

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