You don’t need to know how

You just need to decide that you are the person who has the best of everything

I decided this ages ago

I have just always known it and Papa reminded me of it again last night

And I remembered, deep in my soul, that this is just a soul contract I made with myself

I would always have the best of everything

I do not know how

I do not even care how

I just KNOW!

And any time I find myself in a position of feeling out of sync with this deep knowing, I simply shift

Sometimes, it does not feel simple to shift

Sometimes, I get attached to things that are not helpful because I get deceived into thinking that there is lack

And then I remember

“I am the girl who has the best of everything”

And then I contemplate that statement

I whisper it to myself repeatedly

I look at the life I have created

The awesome husband

The awesome children

The amazing clients

The extravagant home I live in

The investment properties

The books I have written

The over 100 products I have created

The music album

All the other material things I have in my life that make it awesome

The deep, intimate, powerful relationship with the Divine

And the close relationships I have with a few, well picked friends

Yep, there are areas of life that are not perfect

In fact, some areas can sometimes feel like hell

But I am the girl who has the best of everything so guess what?!

Those things will shift soon enough

So I KNOW that everything, even the seemingly bad stuff, is working out for my good

So hey ho, it is all a grand adventure in which I win

And it may sound braggy

But I believe this for you too

Truly I believe it for everyone on the planet but particularly my clients because when someone chooses to work with me, I know that they are believing it for themselves too so I can partner my faith with theirs and magically see things manifest

There is power in agreement, don’t you know?!


So, I wonder if you, the one reading this now, are ready to believe that for yourself?

  1. QUIET YOURSELF DOWN – Take a few deep deliberate breaths

  2. CONNECT TO SOURCE – This is your power and also, you are incredibly loved by Source.  I love to sit on His lap and create miracles from there.

  3. ? WHISPER THE WORDS – “I, __________(insert name), am the girl/guy who has the best of everything”.  Whisper repeatedly.  Contemplate the words with Source.

  4. ? WHIP OUT THAT JOURNAL – Define what the ‘best of everything’ is to you at this time.  Write and write and write whatever bubbles up




It is easy to do

Easy not to do

What will it be for you?

As I already said, I work with my clients to get the best of everything.

I am committed to this

Usually, my clients want to transition into a life and online business where they are living to their TRUE DESIGN because they recognise that they will always be capped while living to the success definitions others give them

They may have already started the transition so new to online business

Or be ready right now, to transition


We gently and yet, aggressively claim a life where my clients are only doing what they feel called and born and WANT TO do and we figure out how to monetize or they already know.

Are you willing to live to your true design?

Are you willing to be free, fulfilled, financially abundant?

Lots say yes but I can tell you, right now, that most will quit at the first hurdle which is why most do not get the life they are very capable of creating.

Are you one of those willing to keep moving forward because you can see that where you are going is so much better than where you are?

If so, then here is your first hurdle

Pop over to

Get your 30 day access to the DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE way of thinking.

It is time we started showing the world what is possible when we get deliberate about the design of our life

Much Amazing Love

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