So you have been teaching for years and the whole thing has lost some of its shine as you see young person after young person pass through your clutches with the shine of creativity and initiative wiped out because you have to teach to curriculum.

A curriculum you do not completely believe in…

A curriculum you know is not personalized to the talents of each of your students…

Or is that just my issues with the state of education coming through?! 😀

Maybe you love teaching, you love seeing people come alive under your tutelage. And now you want to do it completely your own way. You have a gift to teach and you want more people to willingly experience it and you want to create wealth in your own business doing it.

How can you make it so?

Here are a few steps for you to create your own business using your skills, experience and talents to wake people up to the potential within them. Because as a teacher you are incredibly able to do this. Your gift is special indeed if you will use it to serve the wider world and now that we all have access to the internet, it is incredible how many people you can reach. Even in third world countries now, they have access to smartphones and the internet, how much of an impact could you have if you really saw the big picture?

OK, let’s dig into this, I am excited to be supporting you in this as you may have gathered!

Be clear on what you want to teach and how you want to deliver it.

What subject are you particularly enamoured with and how would you like to deliver it? As already mentioned, you can get your knowledge packaged up and put it on the internet so that more people have access to it.   Of course, you can also do it on an offline basis and only deal with people who are able to travel to you.

What subject do you want to be known for? Or maybe you want to be a generalist with a range of subjects that you want to teach or maybe you want to be a tutor and go to people’s houses to support their kids or …

There are a range of ways to deliver your training and you now get to choose your preferred way. You are no longer trapped with the way you have always done things which is great. And opens you up to a whole lot of more ideas.

Please remember that you really can deliver your training in exactly the way you want to. You could even choose to go live with people for a bit and deliver an immersion experience of what people want to learn from you. Your business does not have to look like anyone else’s. Have fun with figuring this stuff out. And feel free to change things regularly if it does not completely work for you anymore.

Get clear on who would want to hear from you.

Who is your ideal customer? Who wants what you have? Can they afford the prices you are thinking of charging? Is there anything that needs to change in order for you to attract the right kind of people into your world? As you know there is nothing worse than working for people who do not appreciate what you have to offer. Think this through a little, write out an avatar of the person you want to speak to and keep that in mind every time you wrote out any marketing material or create any content.

Do not get overly stuck here – If in doubt, just pick anyone.

Start building your audience

You need a group of people to sell to. How can you find those people and get them into your circle of influence? One way that a lot of business owners use is to create a free giveaway that attracts the kind of people you considered attracting in the point above. What will get their attention? Can you create some information that will attract their attention and make them willing to hear from you on a long term basis either on your own mailing list (recommended) or on a Facebook page (second consideration). As a business owner, you need your people to put their hand up so that you can communicate with them regularly and offer your wares.

Offer something for sale.

I know you do not realize that starting a business is really this simple but it is. The thing is that you have to rinse and repeat the point above. Creating those free giveaways will become a huge part of what you do. This is called content marketing and it is one of the simplest ways to attract more of the people you want into your world. This is the thing – You can and probably will learn all the tips, tricks, techniques and strategies of copywriting, marketing, sales, Facebook marketing and more but when it comes down to it, you are ultimately going to be serving people with some information, building relationships through that information and asking them to make a purchase. You are going to do this over and over and over again. So get used to it.

You already know how to create information and now, you need to get to work selling it.

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