I AM CONTENT WITH NOW AND AT THE SAME, I AM BECOMING MORE – Wealth Creation & Happiness Begins Here!

By March 17, 2015February 20th, 2020Self Development

Wealth creation and happiness starts here

This is a fine line to balance and I fall off it too many times.

It is far too easy to spend all our time longing and wanting more from life, from our families, from everything.

We want and we want and we want soooo much that we lose sight of the things right in front of us.

We lose sight of the blessings that are right. here. now.

We lose sight of how far we have come…

We stop seeing the things in life that could make us happy now, if we would let them.

And yes, as I said, I can be the worst kind of culprit when it comes to this.

The problem with the ‘more, more, more’ attitude to life is that it can seem positive but really, it keeps us in a place of desperation.

And desperate entrepreneurs are certainly not attractive to prospects. There is just a quiet sense, an intuitive feeling that prospects get and they run for the hills because it feels like you are pushing too hard.

They begin to feel that it is all about their pocket books…

They sense that you do not actually care about them –

They feel like the notches on the bedpost of the promiscuous player,

They feel like they are just a number to you and so they walk away in their droves and you wonder why.

I suppose one solution would be to put someone between you and the prospect if you feel you cannot control your desire for more, more, more…

However, a lot of start up entrepreneurs do not actually have the finance to make that happen so we need to find a different way.

We need to work through our inner demons and choose to start counting our blessings – And most of us have a whole lot of them though we have not counted in so long that now we have forgotten.

We must remember.

We must become people who live in the present, who find happiness in the now and yet, we allow ourselves to grow… to become more, to fight the good fight but not be eaten alive by our ego.

Contentment is not about staying stuck.

Contentment is not about pretending to be happy with less than you are capable of…

Contentment is seeing who you are for who you are and no longer comparing yourself with who you think you should be.

Contentment is seeing your life for what it is today and enjoying ‘YOU’ now.

Contentment is recognizing you have something unique to offer the world just as you are and choosing to share yourself without stress…

Contentment is knowing that your own needs will be cared for, one way or the other so you just need to focus in on doing the thing(s) that you are called to do.

Contentment is doing the work because you want to do the work, not because of a desperate need to be noticed, to be considered anything other than who you are.

Contentment is no longer needing anyone to affirm you.

Being content and still growing is certainly a fine balance to attain but you can do it.

Start now by being thankful for the great things in your life.

Start now by deliberately being present in your day to day life – Slow down and notice things while still taking daily action to be all you can be.

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