(But You Want To Be Free To Truly Prosper) - 5 Part Video Deliberate Immersion Series


Why did they do this to me?  

Where is God in all of this?  

Why is it that everyone else can be happy and I am stuck here, feeling like this?  

What have I done to deserve being treated like this?  

How can I forgive when they have not even had the common courtesy to say sorry?  

Why can they not see how much pain they have inflicted? 

Lets face it…  

OK, so I know that you want to love all people…  

You are good that way.  

You even want some of these people in your life...  


'They’ have done annoying, hateful things to you and you feel painfully angry with them.  

And it consumes your mind.  

That thing they did, is eating you alive  

And you hate that they have so much power over you but you want them to be sorry.  

They SHOULD apologise, goddamit (though of course, you would never say that out loud! you are too nice for that!)  

You keep waiting for them to understand how they hurt you  

And anyone with half a brain can see that they did you WRONG!  

But the apology is not forthcoming  

And you want to be free of this inner pain and tension and general yukkiness.  

You know you are here for something more  

You know you have a grand amazing life to build  

And you are done with having all this nonsense plaguing your mind.  

But you have tried to let it go  

You have tried very hard but then you see them…  

And all you want to do is tell them and make them understand your pain.  

You want peace  

But you also want war!  

You want joy  

But in forgetting and letting go, surely you are giving them a free pass when they really do not deserve it?

And you just cannot do that! 

The pain is real  

The drama in your head is powerful  

The back and forth conversations that you have in your mind are eating you alive  

And there seems to be a cap on your life  

No matter how hard you work, you cannot seem to get where you want to go.  

And though you do not see a clear connection between ‘THEM’ and your limited prosperity, you have read enough spiritual and personal growth stuff to realise that there just might be.  

And frankly, you have lost enough of your life to this nonsense, they cannot be allowed to steal anymore.

I invite you to join me for...

There is a way out.  

There is a way to be free.  

It may not always feel easy to do this work but what about your current existence is easy anyway? And there is no hope for respite while you keep doing the same old, same old stuff.  

It may also not sound like anything you have heard to date so do not come expecting same old advice.  

You are way shower  

Bringer of the new  


Light bearer  

New breed leader  

The way you need to be doing things, is not the normal way so let’s step into the new now.  

There are 2 ways you can join me for this…  

There are 2 ways you can join me for this…

❶ Come into the DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE as I create this live for my awesome peeps - Join discussion, share your heart and get specific support and also get access to every other program I have released plus will release (and y’all know how prolific I am!) - Get all your spiritual, personal and business growth in one place.  

❷ OR get it as a standalone program to work through at home - An excellent way to access transformational information if not quite ready to do life with me yet. You will receive the first part immediately and then every other day, you will receive another part.

Both options are below.  

Pick the one that suits you.  

Know that whatever you choose - Your life will be uplifted and changed and your mind will not be the same again. You cannot un-see when you see.  

✅ Learn how to return to peace so quickly that nothing phases you ever again.  

✅ Learn how to turn the nonsense that others may have planned for you into gold.  

✅ Use these simple processes and thoughts as a way of practising self-love. It will enable you to prosper in every single area of your life and stop self-sabotaging  

✅ Feel your physical and mental energy rise and experience new opportunities as you suddenly notice the good things in your world that you had not spotted before your energy became available.  

✅ Feel intimately close to the Divine as you break down the walls between you and all of your good. Begin to hear divine guidance so much easier than you ever have.

If you are ready to let go for good so that you can truly, completely prosper, then grab your copy of this program by clicking the button below




I am Rosemary Nonny Knight (RNK) Prosperity MInister. 

Once upon a time, I was a pharmacist, stuck with my big ideas of what I wanted to make happen. I had a vision of supporting a large number of people to live into their calling but I just did not know how to make it a reality. So I stayed stuck, disbelieving my own vision, feeling deluded to think that I could make it happen but the universe had other ideas for me. While I clung desperately to my victim story, I allowed myself to go bankrupt and get depressed and out of the rockbottom, I realised that I had tried it the way of the regular world and maybe, it was now time to give the Divine a chance to co-create something amazing with me.  

I learnt that I had to release A LOT Of my old way of thinking to create ANY kind of success on my own terms and I realised that my clients also had to do that because no matter how many times I would tell them exactly what to do, while their mind was set to normal, they were simply unable to do the work.

I started to help them release old ways of thinking, same as I had had to and before I knew it, they were able to create the lives they desired.

Not everyone chooses to work with me privately and invest the $2500 a month that my clients pay and I really can only work with so many people and so now, I create Deliberate Immersion Series that support more people in releasing old ways of thinking. You can access them all within the OPULENCE CIRCLE or you can buy them as standalone programs. Either way, your life will be elevated.