Some days feel worse than others and no matter what you do, it gets hard to change direction and make things look up again.  And it is pretty tough if you are an entrepreneur with big ideas, because you know that you need to get into the habit of reset-ing your mood quickly so that you can continuously take action but some days, it feels hard, too hard to care.

What can you do on those days to get yourself out of the funky mood and back into a more creative one?

1.Recenter, refocus

You can spend hours and hours staring at the computer screen trying hard to get your brain into the mood to work but some days, it will feel like you are just watsing time.  Hours go by and you still do not finish the first thing on your list.  At times like this, catch yourself quickly.  Stop wasting time, grab that journal and try to get back to basics.

“Why am I doing this work?”

“What is the plan?”

“What difference am I trying to make?”

“What do I want?”

Try to get yourself back to the heart of why you do what you do.

2. Force yourself to actually begin

Some times, you have to be like a robot and just keep moving forward.  The thoughts in your head are not real anyway so you may as well get to work solidly, following the plan you already had in mind.

The whole waiting for inspiration is over-rated as you know.  Inspiration is found on the journey, the active journey, not the ‘sit on the fence’ variety.  So, begin and let motivation catch up with you.

Yes, this can be easier said than done but when you get back in touch with who you want to be and why you do what you do, surely you realise that the only way to get there is to actually get there.

3. Where is your mind at?

Something to put in place when your mood is better, is a few affirmations that make you feel better.  For me, I love to remind myself that “I am intimately connected to the source of all wealth” – So, on those days when things are not going according to plan with the money side of things, I can remind myself about who I am connected to.

Another thing I like to say to myself is that “I am powerful!”

Yep, it may sound crazy but it helps me to remember that I am completely capable of doing whatever I put my mind to.  Some days, I have to chant these things to myself time and time again to pick me up.

What books do you read?  My kindle is full of inspiring books.

What videos do you watch?  YouTube has a full range of inspiring stuff that can help you get your mind in the right place.

What do you listen to?  Be deliberate about what you let into your head.  Audible is a great place to get a whole host of inspirational and motivational books to get yoru mind back into the game.

The thing about being an entrepreneur on mission is that you cannot let yourself stay in a funky mood for too long because you lost time in the pursuit of your dreams and goals.  Be someone who does the work, regardless of how bad you feel.

Would you like to know how to

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