How To Stop Turning Back & Stop Getting Distracted On The Path To Your Wealthy Life

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How To Stop Turning Back & Stop Getting Distracted On The Path To Your Wealthy Life

“The cross before me

The world behind me

No turning back

No turning back”

A song we sang this morning at church and it held even more meaning to me today.  This morning, I woke up feeling fat and unproductive and there was a part of me that forgot why I bother.

And I pushed through because that is what I do but I was nowhere near as productive as I normally am.  I wanted to be normal like the majority of the world, And as I sang this song, a deep recognition came over me.

A recognition that the thing I want is not going to come if I try to stay normal…

I must put the norms of the world behind me.

There is no normal about people who make incredible things happen…

There is no normal about you or I as we move forward powerfully to get the life or business we want.

If it was normal, everyone would have it.

If it was normal, the world would be a very different place.

It may seem hard…

You may look forward and all you see is the hard work involved in getting the life and business you want and you wonder if you have the energy to get ‘there’…

And you may look around you and see what normal is and it looks attractive…

You may want to stop trying and settle into what you have.  After all, it is not that bad, you have created some success and in theory, it could be enough…

And yet, something inside you knows that there is an abundance to your power that you have not tapped into yet.  There is something more to you, something more powerful, a message within that must be expressed and then you realize the normal world is not for you.

And really, you also know that your relationships could be better, your finances could be better, your health could be better…

You know that though it looks OK on the outside, there is more for you.

And you want it all, and you can have it all.

You KNOW you can.

No one will understand it but you have to keep going…

Yes there only seems to be the cross of hard work and self discipline before you but beyond that, you see the vision you are walking towards.  No, not walking, you are pushing through, you are fighting for it, you are refusing to settle down.

No one gets it.  They tell you to stop, to settle, to be content…

And you know you are blessed, you are grateful for that and you KNOW there is still more.  They don’t get it, they have settled and accepted their lot in life but you refuse to do the same.

You refuse to be the same as everyone and you do not have to be.


It is okay to be more, to leave behind the norms of the world and put the cross before you and get the dream, the abundance, you can get all areas of life feeling great.

But you have to choose to do the work, friend.

You have to choose yourself.

You have to stop caring so much about what the masses think.

You have to decide clearly what you want and do whatever it takes to get it.

You have to do whatever it takes over and over and over again.

The cross before you

The world behind you

Over and over and over again. No turning back.

And you CAN DO IT. You know you can.

So, right now, write down again the life you want.

The business you want.

The people you want to impact…

And choose again to keep moving forward and just stop, stopping.

Stop looking behind you to the so-called ‘good old days’

And keep moving forward to create the vision you have inside of you.

Do what it takes to make it real.

No more excuses.  You will never have what you refuse to do the work for.

So, stop waiting and start moving, keep moving now.

1.Write the vision REGULARLY. Keep it in mind.  It may change but keep keeping the vision in front of you.

2. Ask another question – What do I have to do next to get ‘there’?

3. Do it – don’t think, just do it.

4. Repeat every day.

5. Stop looking back and control your environment. Only allow things or people who support the vision.

You ready?

Much Amazing Love

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