Tell me, how does your day begin each morning?

Do you just pile out of bed with dread playing out in the back of your mind as you consider all the things that the day holds for you or is there excitement as you think of everything you will get done?

Do you keep hitting the snooze button until you absolutely must get up and then you are resigned to jumping straight into the day with no preparation, no mental gymnastics to get into the right frame of mind, nothing – Just up and begin?

How do you think that affects the rest of your day?

I mean, there is no absolutely perfect way of beginning the day but I do think that some ways are better than others.

The whole waiting in bed until you are forced out of it by a lack of time to do anything but begin is not a great way, I don’t think.  Creating time for yourself to ease into the day and mentally prepare for all it holds is definitely a better way.

Today, I woke up at 4am, rolled onto the floor and did a little Pilates to get my body awake and ready to begin.  I am creating a habit of plastering a smile on my face each morning and thinking to myself

“I am intimately connected to the source of all wealth” deliberately in order to not let the craziness of life overwhelm me and so that I start each day powerfully.

Does it always work?

Nope, but I certainly leave my first hour of the day feeling a lot better than if I started by worrying and rushing straight into the day without any preparation.

I suppose to be honest, my day starts the night before when I go to bed telling myself and the universe exactly when I want to wake up to ensure I get a maximum amount of alone time before the rest of the family wakes up.  This way, I can get a lot of work done before the world awakes but even more than the work that I get done, I can spend time reconnecting with the source of all creativity and all wealth so that after my mini stretching regime is key to my having a great day.

I whip out my journal and I write whatever is in my mind.  It usually begins with things that I am grateful for and then I go on to just writing whatever.  No qualification, no judgements, I just want to get clear.

How do you get clear each day?  Do you?  OR do you carry all the nonsense from the day before and the day before that and then you wonder why you feel so out of sync with the life you really want.

You need some time to reconnect with your true self.

Not the self that you have to put on each day to fulfil other people’s ideas for you, but your real self.  You must take the time to reconnect.  Life gets so busy and stressful and unless you choose to take a few moments each morning to peacefully rev up your engine, you just get caught up on the wave of other people’s expectations for you.

From the children wanting breakfast or the teenagers wanting help with this or that to the bosses or customers having their own idea of what they think you should be doing.

You must choose your own morning routine but make sure you have one.

Personally and of course this is only my own opinion, every morning routine should have elements of the following in varying amounts each day.

1. Journal-ing

I think everyone MUST have a journal to record your thoughts, your day, to dig out your true beliefs, to refine your thinking, to record the happenings of your life.  I have kept one since I was a teenager and though I have lost some of my early ones in the move from Africa, I know it has been a huge source of clarity as I have grown up.  It started as a record for my kids so that I would always remember what it was like to be young – Most parents forget the confusion and weirdness and I wanted to remember so that I could always relate to them and also so they could see that I was human just like them.

It progressed to being where I spoke to God and also where I write what I consider to be his response to me.  I can look back at my journals and stand in awe of some of the wisdom in them.  A lot of what I do now comes out of that.  Ultimately, if you do not keep a journal, start to.  Give it 60 days of writing a page or two, free-flowing whatever comes to mind and tell me you do not feel better inside because of it!

2. Music

Some mornings, I pop over to YouTube and listen in to some music. Being Christian, my goal here is to connect with God more and music opens me up so it is usually some form of worship music.  In times past, I would whip out my guitar and play and sing to myself.  Now, I am too scared to wake everyone up and with 3 little princesses in the house, that would be horrifying first thing in the morning so headphones on and I listen to worship music and connect to flow.  These days, I even have my own music to listen to as I put together my little affirmation ditties into an album with my awesome music producer.

3. Reading

I usually have something mind-opening to read first thing in the morning – What kind of material do you enjoy?  I personally enjoy reading spiritual books and also personal development first think in the morning to again put my brain on track for success and spiritual depth each day.

4. Exercise

I definitely need to be a lot more disciplined about this as it is lovely to get the blood flowing each morning.  I am in the process of adding (again) a little Pilates to my first thing in the morning.  Just 15 minutes to start and then go to the gym later on in the day or just go for a walk to increase my fitness levels.  These have suffered recently as I have been ramping up my business and everything apart from looking after children and doing my work has been considered an unnecessary extra but I know that a healthy body is capable of so much more, so I am committed to raising my physical exertion.Human bodies are created to move but I have neglected this a little recently and my weight is telling the story.  Enough, I say!


For me personally, I journal and I pray all at the same time.  Whatever your belief system, I think some meditation or prayer will enlighten you each morning and set you up for success so add it to your routine.  YouTube is a great place to find various meditations – Again, before you cast it off as some ‘woo-woo’ nonsense, try it for a little while and see the difference it makes to your productivity and your mood and the results you get out of each day.

Start with these five things.  Slot them into your day in varying amounts and see what works for you.  Wake a little earlier – Yes, it will be hard until you get used to it but it is so worth it.  I want to hear from you – How do you start each day at the moment?  Do you think it helps or hinders or makes no difference?

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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