Being a heart-centred entrepreneur that really has a big call to change lives, it can be pretty difficult to ‘sell’ what you have and so, unfortunately, this tends to mean that

  1. You get trapped taking the side road doing something you do not completely believe in because it pays the bills or…

  2. You remain broke in a business that you pretend is a social enterprise because it makes you feel good but makes absolutely NO MONEY so it cannot reach all the people you want to reach (Big shame!) or…

  3. You just stay in an unprofitable business, plain and simple, getting more and more fed up and wondering when your time will come.

There is another way, you know!

You can make money AND make a difference, you know?

And it all starts with a decision.

A decision that you will make it work.

A decision that the thing you are called to do is worth the time and the effort to learn how to present yourself well and ASK FOR THE SALE.

A decision to figure out how you can put your stuff out in the world, build community and find people who get you and who want what you have.

Are you ready?

1. Get Clear

I have already mentioned this but get deliberate about reframing your mind.  When I think about selling, I think that I have something awesome to present to the world and it would be WRONG of me to hold back from letting it out and allowing people to consume what I have for them.  For some people, I am exactly who they need to let go of their old ideas abotu what they are allowed to do and if I do not speak up and reveal myself to them, then they may go through life not fulfilling their potential.  I truly believe that we are all jigsaw pieces and when we each live our bit out, then we complete the picture and allow others to fill in their place as well.

What of you?

What is the big reason why you must do what you do?  And yes, I know you may think you are deluded but how is it any more deluded than to think you have no value at all?  I mean, really!

Whip out that journal and start getting clear about why you must step up in confidence and courage and own your place as entrepreneur extraordinaire.

2. Use your strengths

So, you do not like sellling face to face, use blogs, articles, be prolifically everywhere that your people are likely to be.

You do not like writing, use face to face, videos, meetups, whatever…

What do you like doing?  Find a way to get the word out using a style that comes more naturally to you.

Whatever you do, build a community around it and you and that way, you have a lot of people who want what you have and who are more likely to buy again and again from you.

3. Don’t be emotional about it.

I know it is hard to do but this is it.  If you need money to spread the message of what you are about then just figure out ways to create some more income.  If you needed milk in the house, you would just go to the shop and get some milk, there would be no major thoughts about whether it is ethical to want milk, or right to drink it etc etc.

So, why not just treat the desire to create wealth in the same way.  There is a simple truth, if you do not make money from what you want to do, then you will be trapped doing somethign you do not want to do and are not uniquely gifted to do.

Remove the emotion and just do the work, ok?

And by the way, Facebook is a great way to sell what you have without being overly pushy AS LONG AS YOU ARE DOING THE RIGHT THINGS.  See how you can use Facebook to grow your business and reach more people who need your support, product, opportunity.  Pop over to to find out more.

It is time to fight for, create the life and the business that you want.

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