As you build your million dollar business, it is so easy to get to a place of ‘stuck’ where nothing seems to be working. And again, you feel trapped in this small place where you think that nothing you do is good enough.  It is not that you have not been here before.  You have and you moved forward but then you seemed to have circled back to here again and nothing seems to be working again.

You are tempted to step out of this loop by going back to a place where there were not so many demands on you.  Go back to not caring and trying to be like most people.  You might even start to look for someone to blame and then…

You go inward and you start to blame yourself for all the things you think are your fault.

All the mistakes that you can now see with hindsight clarity that you made.  You mentally beat yourself up for not being consistent, for not doing more, for being what you consider to be ‘less than’.

As though doing that is going to make anything better.

Do you really think you can beat yourself into doing better?

No, all you do is hamper yourself further.

It is like you did not run fast enough to win the race and so now, you break the leg that ‘failed’ you so the next time you try to run, your leg is broken so you are even slower.

Yes, I get it, you feel you should know better by now.  You should no longer be stuck.  You should be gliding freely to your chosen goal, you are old enough to be better and the year is coming to an end again and still you are not where you thought you would be yet.

How is all that thinking working out for you?

Could it be contributing to the ‘stuckness’ you feel?

You are over-thinking and slowing yourself down.  Surely you can see that.



Go back to basics.

What are you grateful for, today?

Open your eyes and look around you.  Really, truly look at what you have created.

See the differences between right now and this time last year and be thankful for them. It may not all be good but I am certain that if you asked me, I would be able to point out things that you have now done or created that you thought were impossible this time last year.

Pay attention to what your life is now like as a result of you stepping up and becoming all you can be.

No, your money is not quite where you want it to be yet but the person you are, is so different and now you are more open to the money that is making its way to you even now as you continue to stay intentional about it.

You are not alone in feeling this way so stop with the navel-gazing and the leg-breaking and instead, look outside of yourself.

Remember again, why you started this business, this book, this music, whatever.

Yes, it was so you could be all you knew you were created to be but more than that, it is because you wanted to impact people around you.  Is there anyone who is a little happier for knowing you?  Is there anyone who has benefited from the use of your product?

Be thankful that you get to support others.

It is a privilege to make a difference to anyone, even ONE person.

Be thankful for that.

Now think, how can I make a difference to someone else out there?

How can I further experience all I am called to be?

And do the next thing.

Stop thinking ‘stuck’ and start ACTING free and fluid and forward.

Keep it simple – Be thankful, keep moving, keep creating.

Leave all the crazy ‘stuck’ thoughts behind.

Do the next thing.

And by the way, the Deliberate Millionaire is here for you (

It is time to fight for, to create the life, the business you want.

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