It is tempting, oh so tempting to fall off the straight and the narrow in the quest for wealth.

There is always a new and more imaginative way to grow your business and everyone is selling you their pathway.  It gets tough for an entrepreneur to stay on the simple path – The straight and narrow path to more wealth, more impact and more freedom in business.

Because everything seems so attractive…

And EVERY pathway seems like a surefire winner …

But the thing you are forgetting is that all the time you spend chasing after this and that shiny method of marketing is time you are not simply doing the work that you must do to grow your business.

And when you are not doing the work, you are condemning yourself to everything taking a lot longer than you would like to flourish.  And there is a high turnover rate of entrepreneurs that quit because it takes so long for them to get the results they want.

Can I remind you of the simple track because everything you will ever hear about marketing your business and promoting your products will be one of these three things?

1. Grow Your Audience

Have a way to collect people’s contact details.  The thing you must realise is that people are not always in a buying mood.  However, they may be open to you later on in proceedings if, and only if, you are staying in touch with them.  So what method are you using to collect and store people’s contact details?

I use something called Aweber ( for this because I find it to be a simple and straightforward program most of the time for non-techies like me and also, it enables me to put together a few key emails that can be automated and delivered to everyone that joins my contact list.  This way, I am not having to manually follow up with every new person on my contact list which is helpful when your audience size is growing at ever increasing numbers everyday.

Your prospect list is the most valuable part of your business because there are potential sales in there particularly when you cultivate an audience who like to hear from you.  Make sure you are growing it on a daily basis.

2. Deliver Your Message

Everyday, in some way, tell people what you are about and why you do what you do and sell what you sell.

Write blogs, give talks, attend networking mixers, do some advertising – All of this exposes you to more and more people each day.  Make a point of having a few daily ‘musts’ for your marketing and promotion activites each day  (You can use my 90 minute blueprint (  And then tell them about your contact list.  Of course, you need to make it enticing to people so  figure out what you can give your ideal customer for free that will get their attention and a mini result, if they use it.

And use that as enticement to join your mailing list.

3. Invite them to buy

I am always stunned and amazed by how many entrepreneurs try to avoid this step!  It s why we are in business, right?  To provide a product or service and ask people to buy it, right??  So why do people get so nervous about doing it.

Sometimes, they get into their heads that it is wrong to make money when providing a service that people need, or they think their God does not want them to get rich, or they think that it is wrong to be a sales person or ___________  (what is your reason?)

Sometimes, there is an assumption that their prospects will KNOW what to do next and so they keep building relationship thinking that when the prospect is ready, they will go and buy.  But you forget that your prospects are leading very busy lives, they are not thinking about you and your business as much as you think.  Even if you contact them daily, unless it is something they want right now, they are liable to forget about you very quickly.

So, you do want to make sure you are pointing them in the right direction and enticing them to buy, in as many different ways as you can.

So, are you doing these three things EVERY SINGLE DAY in some way?  Because this is how you make your business grow…

And if you are not doing these things, then honey, that is why your business is not working and all the shiny marketing methods in the world will not help things until you get consistent.

Please get consistent!

The world really does need to hear from you!

Step up, leader!

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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