How To Make Good ChoicesYou run your own business and there is so much to do.  There are increasing demands on your time and you somehow have to fit it all in alongside the busy life you already lead.

The temptation is to stop making choices…

The temptation is to hope that things will work out without any input from you…

The temptation is to choose the broad path, the road most travelled and to wish, hope and pray that somehow you will wake up and discover that all the business choices have been made and you are rich beyond your wildest imagination.

You see what others are up to and you feel envious as you try to smile and be happy for them…

And you wonder why things are not working for you.

You give into the feeling of overwhelm and you start to convince yourself that it is impossible to be any different.

And I would ask you this…

What choice are you making in this moment?

Because you are always making a choice, always choosing which direction to move in, always making a move even when you don’t think you are.

And that choice is taking you closer or further away from the result you want in your business and your life.

Are you aware of it?

Choosing to stand still in overwhelm does not remove your responsibility to keep moving forward.  It just means you are allowing external events to determine your next move.  And that is not a very powerful way to live.

It is time to wake up and make better choices.

Yes, I hear you and I even feel for you as I see how overwhelmed you are – The kids needs attention, the partner wants something from you, your parents want something else from you and your customers are non-existent and you are not finding the time to get clear on what it is that you want to do to market for them and generate more leads.

It all feels hard and you just want to stay in bed and be ‘normal’

I know what all of that is like and yes, you could give into the inner doubts and fears of whether you are cut out to be in business and whether this is the right time or not and so on and so forth…

Or you can see what you are doing for what it is (dithering! procrastinating! losing your power!) and choose a different path.

First, you must…

1. Get Clear On What You Want

Do you remember why you decided to add this business, this entrepreneurial venture into your life?  Do you have a big goal or have you already met your goal and so, there is nothing you are moving towards anymore?

Get clear again on what you are trying to make happen.

How much money do you want to make?

How much time do you want to spend with the family?

What kind of house do you want to live in?

What kind of impact do you want to have on the world?

Why do you do this business?

Find your big reason why again and it must be emotionally charged enough to keep you going through the tough times.  Write it down in a journal.

2. What Am I Choosing Right Now?

Now that you are clear again about what you want out of life and your business, ask yourself this question.

“What am I choosing right now?”

Get aware of the fact that though you think you are stuck in overwhelm, you are actually making a choice for that to be your reality.  Stay with the journal and ask yourself this question repeatedly until the truth shines through.

“I am choosing to pretend not to know what the next step is because I don’t want to take it.  It just feels too hard so if I say I am overwhelmed than I can get out of it.”

“I am choosing right now to blame my partner for not understanding and supporting me so I am in withdrawal, hoping to hurt him/her”

“I am not talking to my daughter because she disobeyed me and I want her to feel unloved just like I feel right now”

You may not like what you see when you put it in such stark terms but everything starts with awareness.  And as you choose to live life deliberately, you can decide if this is really who you choose to be.

3.What Do I Want To Choose Right Now?

Now that you see clearly what you are choosing, it is time to get a lot more deliberate about it.  Do you want this to continue? IF yes, then great.

If no, then ask yourself this question.

“What do I want to choose right now?”

The answers will come to you and make a note of them.  Based around what you decided you want out of life and business, what would be a small step you can take right now to get you out of the funky mood.

“I choose to pop into Facebook Groups and make a few friends and then invite them to my profile and business page with the hope that in time, they will allow me to serve them and they will become a client”

“I choose to be loving to the people in my life regardless of what they do”

“I choose to give myself permission to say ‘no’ when people demand things of me that I do not really want to do – It just saves time if I am clear upfront with them”

“I choose to pop a postcard into all my local shop windows to advertise my wares.”

What can you choose to do now?

4. What is my best and highest choice in the next five minutes?

Instead of having great ideas of what you can do sometime soon, let’s really tie it down to what you can do in the next five minutes that will enable you to start breaking the hold overwhelm has over you.

Base your choice on your ‘be, do, have’ list.  Step into your purpose as you deliberately choose to take the next step towards all that you will have for yourself and all that you want your business to be.

If you choose to be a loving person, then there is no room for making unloving choices based on how someone treats you.  You choose to be loving always – How can you demonstrate that in the next five minutes?

If you choose to be a successful business owner, then there is no room for getting stuck in overwhelm, you choose to be marketing yourself and your business in the next five minutes.  What can you do to be all that you choose to be?

And you make this choice regardless of how you feel because you know that you will feel better when you make these solid choices rather than when you allow the external events or even the way you feel to affect what you choose to do.

OK, do it.

then do the next thing.

And then the next.

And by the end of this day, you feel so much better because you did not allow the whims and waves of life keep you trapped in a cycle you do not want.  You made the choice to move.

Well done.


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