How To Identify your Customers – 4 Ways To Ensure Your Targetting Is Profitable

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How to identify your customersWhen you start out in business, you may think that everyone is your ideal customer and so you spray and pray that something will work. Do you thin kit might be more appropriate to get really specific about the kind of people you want to work with?

Getting really specific about your ideal customer profile enables you to spend your money and time in a more targeted and appropriate manner than just sending out random marketing material and hoping that something works.

Here are a few ideas to consider when thinking about how to identify your customers.

1. Understand who you want to be in business

Start by defining who you are. What you stand for, what you stand against, why people should listen to you and what you want to offer the world. The chances are that there are others offering your products and services and the only way you will stand out from the crowd is if you choose to be unique in the way that you offer your wares.You will polarize some people when you blatantly give people your opinion about things but you will also attract a set of people who are really loyal to you and want to hear from you consistently. This is the basis of a great community of customers that you enjoy serving.

What are their burning pains?

Now, turn the attention to your prospects and ask yourself “Why do they need this product or service?” What issue, concern, problem are they trying to find a solution to and how can my product or service solve that.

This is where you start when you have no real customers to ask but as soon as someone buys from you, make sure you are finding out from the horse’s mouth, why they chose to work with you. You may be surprised that it has nothing to do with what you thought.

Permanently, keep asking what your customers want. And do pay more attention to customers because it is easy for prospects who never intend to buy any of your services or products, to tell you what they think they want. Unless someone actually puts their hand in their pocket and chooses to buy something, do not take their opinion completely to heart. It is a starting point but may not be actually representative of what they will do.

3. The demographics

As you start to attract in more buying customers into your business, you will get an understanding of the make up of your customers. Their age, sex, income levels, location, job status and more. Pay attention to this as it enables you to form a picture of who you are speaking to in your marketing material.

4. The psychographics

Go one step further and discover things like what they read, where they go to eat, what programmes they enjoy watching on the television, their political affiliation and so much more. Social media is a great place for discovering some of this information as you ask questions and see what replies come your way.

The deeper you can go into the psyche of a customer, the more specific your marketing materials will be so take the time to pay attention and see what your people want.

Tie all the above together and get a picture of who your customers are. This is how to identify your customers.

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