How to grow your coaching practice using an irresistible offer

How to grow your coaching practice using an irresistible offer
One of the biggest issues most budding coaches face is not having enough people taking them up on their offer and this is made worse by the fact that most coaches do not know how to sell themselves.

They are pretty awesome at the work they do but when it comes to marketing it, they fall far short of excellent because they have vague ideas of what it is that people are buying and needless to say, prospects are not overly impressed when the coach who is claiming to help them get from ‘here to there’

What does that even mean and yet, lots of people use it as a selling proposition combined with the hand motions to show what they mean.

OK, stop that now!

Instead follow this simple plan…

  1. Decide what you want to be known for exactly.

    You can expand it as you get bigger but pick something, anything. Just pick a target to make it easier for you to sell yourself. Maybe it is that you help people be more productive, have better relationships, lose weight and stay healthy, make money, parent better.

    or Choose YOU as the selling point but it is still easier to use something to tie YOU to.

  2. Put together your irresistible offer

    Do some research on Google to figure out a burning issue for people who have the particular thing you are going to be known for. And then, once you have something, put together a quick audio or video or even a written mini-report with the best of your information.

    Put it together in as user friendly a way as possible. Make it useful and do not be afraid of giving your best stuff.

    You can even decide to do an event and invite people to that based around the issue you researched. This can be a live event or an online event. It can even be a complimentary session which has a very awesome name.

  3. Put it in user-friendly language

    Figure out how to answer the question, “What do you do?” in a very user-friendly way which will also point people in the direction of your irresistible offer. Most people will not buy from you right there and then but you can send them in the direction of your offer, whatever it is.

    Make sure that the title of your offer is really exciting and exactly what your people want. Now take your message far and wide – Networking events, Online groups and everywhere you can think of.


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