Some days, I wake up and I don’t feel like I have anything to say to you.  And I suppose most people would do the ‘Don’t say anything then!’ thing but I am not most people.

Most people don’t do well in business.

And I do.

So, no, I do not act like most people and neither should you!

You and I, we are determined to win at business.  In fact, we do not just win, we actually crush it at business.  We have big plans and dreams for what our life is going to look like and so we do not bow to our every weak whim!  Oh NO, we make a plan and we stick to it, come hell or high water.

Let everyone else be scurrying around following their ‘I don’t feel like it’s.  We get down to it and create inspiration by starting to do the work anyway.

So here are a few thoughts to help you grow that business daily…

1. Stand out

You have to deliberately put yourself out there and speak your truth to the people you are attracting so they know what you stand for and what you stand against.

Don’t go the way of most business owners, hiding behind logos, brand names, pictures of dogs etc etc – None of that nonsense for you, honey – YOU have to show up and brand you.  Let people see the person behind the business and let those who like you come.  And you may think that you want everyone to like you so it is easier if you do not show up in business because then, they cannot make judgements about you but you have probably tried that already and it is not working, is it?

Choose to stand out and do it daily so think to yourself – How can I stand out today?  What can I say or do to help people see that I am the perfect choice for them to buy from?  IF THEY ARE MY PEOPLE, of course!

2. Dare to get it wrong

You will not always get it right and in fact, the more times you fail, the quicker it is to figure out what will work in your business.  Yesterday, I put a very real video of me and my thoughts on the blog.   There I am, doing Mum’s taxi, looking pretty unattractive (At least to me, I am my worst critic at times!) but I was determined to get my message out in some way using video so I did it.  It took a few hours for me to release it and I did think that I would re-record it looking more glammed up but you can never repeat the autheticity of the first take so in the end, I chose to put it out there and I still don’t know if it was wrong or right to do so and in some ways, I don’t care.

It is me.  And my people will come.  And those who look at it and think that I am destroying the illusion of what successful business should look like, are possibly just not cut out for REAL business so why do I care what they think?  Easier said than done but listen, you are on a mission – To live a fulfilling, purpose driven life and to make sure your family is taken care of and also to serve people and change lives so do not keep caring about random people who you are not called to serve.

Get it wrong as many times as you need to, in order to find out what works.  Nothing is completely irrevocable except a decision you make to quit.

Just don’t do that.  Instead, consider what you can put out in the world each day that could potentially get the attention of your people.  Do not let shyness or a lack of self-belief get in the way.  Confidently tell and show people how you can help them.

3. Always be collecting contact details

This whole fly-by-night selling that you try to do where you keep putting your product or service in other people’s faces, hoping that first sight of you will lead to a sale.  And then you tell yourself that ‘Some will, Some won’t, Who’s next?’ .  That is an okay stance if it gets you into action but don’t stay there forever.  Get to the point where you are choosing to build relationships with people.  Real relationships.  You cannot do that when all you are doing is alienating everyone with your ‘push, push, push, buy my product’ stance.

Instead put a simple system in place to collect people’s contact details and then stay in contact.  The fancy term for this in the online space is email marketing.  Deliberately build a community where people choose to open your email – Provide value continually and then ask for the sale.  Let each email tell them what to do next, point them in the the direction of a product that sorts out their problems.

The other great thing about this community building is that you can offer product after product to them and so therefore create repeat customers just because you care enough to build relationship first.  Do this daily.

Give people an incentive for giving your their contact details and then build relationship with them away from social media.  Social media is very distracting as well as not owned by you, so get them off it as soon as you can.

Show up every day whether you feel like it or not.

Your business will grow if you remain consistent and you keep asking for the sale while building relationship with people.  And by the way, I have a free business growth pack which you can take advantage of by popping over to

It is time to fight for, to create the life, the business you want.

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