There are fractures in your personality…

Places where you have hidden who you really are, in order to favour who ‘THEY’ wanted you to be…

And those places within you keep calling out to you for attention.

And you feel split.

On the one hand, it feel very impractical to live out those parts of you that have been hidden and on the other hand, you want to live from those places.  You want those places to be a full and visible part of your life so you are split.

Split between the acceptable version of you and the real version of you and because you are so conflicted inside, you get NO RESULTS.  Or at least, the results you get are not ones that you really value because you know they came at the price of hiding yourself, of not being your full true self…

It feels tough and you get tired of the hiding…

And yet, you keep hiding.

Waiting for permission to really show up and be you.

You almost feel like you are biding time before you become all you are created to be…

And yet, who are you waiting for?  Who do you think will come tell you that it is time?

You have already been told by all the visions and dreams within you, the deep desires within you but you have ignored because you are fearful of the opinions of the people around you.

And so the words you have received have been silenced by your fear.

Are you ready to wake up?

The longer you stay on the wrong path for you, the harder it becomes to return to the right path so today is a great day to start paying attention to those yearnings, to those whispers within you to wake up and be the’you’ you are born to be.

1. It is okay for the real you to shine through.

Firstly, accept that it is okay to be you.  It may not suit a lot of people but hey, who said you were called to everyone?!  You are called to specific people and they will prefer the real you but honey, this is not even about your people.  It is about you living a life that fulfils you.  It is about you being here on this palnet and being the best YOU possible.  It is about you serving people in the way you are best placed to do.

Will you let that happen?  Even when you feel uncertain, unsure?

I hope so because the world needs to hear and see you.  YOU need it too.

2. Stop making decisions based solely on how much money it will make you

Money is inanimate and then you make it mean too much when all your choices are based on whether it will pay your bills or not.  I get it, you want your needs to be cared for but this is the thing and this is the main thing, accept that it is OKAY to make money from your gifts, talents, strengths.  Too many times, I see people decide that you just cannot make money from whatever it is they want to make money from and so, their thoughts about it become the reality.  They feel evil, selfish for asking for people to pay for access to their gifts, talents, strengths…  They take on the role of the tortured artist or poor spiritual mentor and so they get exactly that.

You can hold money lightly and make a quiet decision that you will make as much money as you like while still deliberately designing a life that you actually want.  There are basic tenets of creating wealth.  Learn them, apply them while being you and create wealth doing ONLY what you want to do.  Lead with what you want to do though, not what will make you money.  Anything can make you money.  Look around the world, people are making money from all the weirdest things…  Why not you?

3.  Remember those gifts that came naturally as a child…

Tap back into that.  People forget as they get older how easy it was to be a child.  You were feral and followed your instincts and so you found out what you most liked to do and you did it.  And then, one day, someone told you that you had to tone yourself down and get responsible and you listened and started to force yourself into a hole that did not fit.  You thought you had to, I get it but now it is time to remember…

Remember what you loved to do…

Remember when you felt most at peace and tap back into that energy.  You do know what it is that you are best suited for and there are hints in your childhood.  Tap back in.

4. Listen to the yearnings of your heart

Then act on them.  Get an idea, act on idea.  Just create space for this.

Don’t judge the little whispers.  Don’t try to analyse it all.  Allow it to be and act.

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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