How To Get More Clients: Stop Undervaluing Your Offer – 3 Tips

How To Get More ClientsWhen you teach or sell a product that lots of other entrepreneurs teach or sell, it can be tough to think there is any reason for people to choose you over anyone else and so you get into the crazy price lowering thing that some people do.


You start to think that the only way anyone will buy anything from you is if you are the cheapest on the block but really it has the opposite effect. Unless you really are a commodity business, low prices suggest a lack of value in what you provide even before your prospects buy from you. Is that really the idea you want to be giving the world?


I get it, I used to think I had nothing major to offer the world. I used to think that no one needed to hear from me. And so I used to lower and lower my prices and therefore doom myself to mediocrity.


It was time for a mindset change and it probably is for you as well.


Here are three things to consider…


  1. It may be common knowledge to you but…

    It is easy to fall into a trap where you think that everyone knows what you know. You think that everything that comes easy to you is valueless because it is not hard work. And you may even feel guilty for charging for something you actively enjoy and fid so easy. And yet, there are people in the world right now, who do not find it as easy as you do and will pay a lot to figure out how to make it that simple to themselves.

    Stop holding back just because you think everyone knows it. Put yourself out in the marketplace and let the right people find you.

  2. No one can show them like you do

    Another concern in your mind may be the fact that others are doing exactly the same thing as you and so again, what is the point of you? It is time to change the direction of your thoughts.

    The way you do things is not replicated anywhere in the world. You are the only one that can do things the way you do them. And someone out there in your circle of influence is waiting for you to show up and show them how to do things your way.

    They may even have learnt a different system of doing the same thing but it did not hit the spot for them so you need to show up and be you loudly, proudly.

  3. When you undervalue your service, you keep reinforcing the cycle you find yourself trapped in.

    People will always treat you the way you ask to be treated so if you undervalue your offering to the marketplace then other people will do the same too. They will look at your prices and think that it cannot be worth much as you have priced yourself so low.

    See the value in what you bring to the table and start now to charge accordingly. We live in a world where the value of things are measured by their price so price appropriately and get the respect you deserve.


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