If you are a service provider, the chances are that you need to figure out how to get clients.

And sometimes that can prove pretty difficult to get people to pay you any attention particularly when just starting out or starting to ramp up your efforts.

So here is a quick handy checklist of things that you can do to ensure you are putting your self out there.

  1. How To Get Clients – Decide whom you want to serve.

    Create an avatar of this person and all your marketing is spoken to this avatar. You no longer spray and hope, you now continually call the right people to you and you target them in your Facebook Ads. Think of what phrases they would use and you can use that in your Google ads as well.

    Take the time now to pick an avatar – Just pick one. Notice I say, pick one because too many people get stuck in trying to decide who is most perfect. Just pick one and move on to the next step. The avatar may be a former version of you and that is just fine. There is not a more targeted niche than you.  What problems of theirs can you solve based on who you used to be?  Or based on a customer you have already served.

    Again, JUST PICK ONE!

  2. Create a mini information product

    This program will be something that grabs their attention so it must address a burning issue for your avatar.   Do they want more wealth, more health, more love, to do their taxes? OK, now get even more specific than that.

    Exactly how much more would they like? Think about phrases they would use to describe their pains and frustrations, particularly the acute ones. And then create a simple information product that will address at least one of those things.

    Remember to make it very informative. No holding back, thinking that they will use your free information and run. Some will, Some won’t. The key here is to get them to put their hands up and agree to hear from you.  This is called a lead magnet or a free giveaway.

    You can sell it for a nominal sum or you can give it away for free. The goal here is to use this to get their contact details.

  3. Upload the product/lead magnet

    If it is an audio, use Soundcloud and make it private
    If it is a video, use YouTube and make it unlisted
    If it is a pdf, upload to the backend of your website or use Google Drive or Dropbox until you have a site.

    Each of these places will give you a link that can be used to access the product. Save it.

  4. Set up a customer relationship management system (CRM)

    Use Aweber as a CRM to grab people’s details. Set up an autoresponder email to automate the delivery of your information product.

    Set up an initial email welcoming your prospects to your world. Use the link you saved in the step above. Put it in the email telling people where to get your information product. And also tell them what to expect from you. You can also ask if they would like to have a strategy session with you or a business opportunity conversation. Ask them to reply if they are interested.

  5. Set up an online presence

    You probably already have a website but the key here is to have a lead generating page. So you can use Leadpages or instapage or unbounce pages to set up a landing page easily.

    On this page, you sell the information product and give your prospects a reason to enter their details. Remember you are selling them on the free info product, not your service yet.

    As soon as they sign up for your information product, take them directly to another landing page which will act as your thank you page.

    On this ‘Thank You’ Page, you inform your prospect that the information product is being sent to their email address but if they would like to get even more rapid results, then they need to have a consultation with you.  Ask them to fill in a mini application form or to leave their telephone number so that you can call them. See an example that gets a great response rate. (https://rosemarynonnyknight.com/template)

  6. Follow Up Immediately

    As soon as you get a response to your strategy session conversation landing page offer, get in touch. Do not delay. Get on the phone and book in a conversation or do it right there on the spot while the prospect is hot.  I can teach you exactly what to do to get people signing up – Find out more at RosemaryNonnyKnight.com/consultsthatsell

  7. Send traffic to the original information product landing page.

    There are a lot of ways to do this. One great way is to build a social media presence and ask people who are interested in your free product to pop over to that page.

    Other ways include advertising the landing page, going networking and inviting people to avail themselves of your information product. Think about where your avatar would be both offline and online and decide how you are going to get in front of them.

    Read this blog post to understand what I mean exactly

    Pick one or two things that you are going to get pretty good at and do them consistently or else your whole life is caught up n learning new techniques of marketing and promoting and you never get great results because you never focus enough to get them.

  8. Follow up consistently

    I know I said this already but it bears repeating.

    For those people who obtain your information product but do not sign up to have a conversation with you, you must put together a regular newsletter or regular informative, educational, inspirational emails for them to peruse.

    This keeps you top of mind and of course, you make the offer of a conversation repeatedly. Let all your communication end up with you asking them to take action in some way.

  9. It really is a numbers game

    The more people who get your information product and then take up your strategy session, the more clients and team members you will have.

  10. An Alternative way to get more clients

    Instead of sending them to a strategy session, you can send the people who sign up for your information product to a teleseminar or webinar sign up page.

    Click Here To Register with Webinar Jam

    Or Freeconference call

    Set that up and then your thank you page will become an invitation to attend a call/webinar with you.

    Get into the habit of doing regular webinars or calls where you can make a mass invitation to your prospects and they have had the benefit of getting to know you a little as they listen to you speak. And so they are more inclined to take you up on your offer.

And there you have it – A system that works to generate clients into your coaching practice. Is it the only way? Of course not but it is a way that works for me and a whole lot of other coaches.

Read that blog post I listed in step 7 and choose to focus on a system for long enough to see the results. Dotting around from one idea to another is possibly the biggest problem coaches face as they build their practice because they do not stick long enough with anything to get results.


Focus on getting the next client.

That is it.

Set this system up and then all you do is spend time and maybe money sending people to your landing page, having consultations and signing up your new clients.

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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