How to generate more MLM leads online – 5 Things To COnsider

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How to generate more MLM leads online - 5 Things To COnsider

When you get into network marketing for the first time, you are probably taught how to generate leads in the same old ways. Yes they are tried and tested and they do work but there are new ideas to consider that may generate leads and help you sponsor more people into your business quicker and with a lot less discomfort.

There is a lot less discomfort because you get your prospects to put their hands up and self identify rather than you feeling as though you have to make your friends and family join you in your business by any means necessary.

Here are a few ideas to consider…

1. Invest in your own education and coaching

If you intend to lead a team powerfully, start now to become that leader. Start now to build up your expert profile. Start now to read personal development, attend trainings, work with personal coaches and mentors to make sure that you are always bring your ‘A’ game to the table when communicating with leads and team members.

If you do not believe enough in your ability to get this business moving then you will increase the difficulty that your prospects have about working with you in your team. Immerse yourself in learning everything there is to know but do not stop there. Implement as well. Build your confidence by increasing your knowledge. Do not assume that you will walk into your business and suddenly have lots of money being delivered to your bank account with no effort from you.

This is a business – Treat it as such.

2. Identify the best people to have in your team

Get a clear idea of the people most likely to want to work with you. What are their burning issues and concerns? Where are they located? Although you are fortunate to live in a time where you can contact people in all areas of the world as long as they have internet access, you need to ensure you are targeting the people most likely to invest in themselves. And you may also be limited by your company as to who can be sponsored into the business.

Have an avatar in mind of the people you want in your business.

3. Use Social Media

Build a social media presence that speaks to your avatar and invite people to like the page as well as ask them to invite others along as well. Once you have built up a presence on one of the platforms, go where you know your people will congregate and start building relationships and inviting them to your page. Join groups, comment on other industry leaders’ pages, support people when they ask questions. Start to show your expert knowledge.

4. Start building Your Expert Profile

Create content that the people in your world will be interested in. Start to show that you know what you are talking about by the content you put out in the world. Your personal profile on social media platforms need to represent the person you want to show up as in your business. You also need to put together blog posts, articles, training webinars and more. This will enable people to get an idea about who you are and what working with you in your team is likely to look like.

5. Invite people to take the next step

Whatever you put out in the world, make sure there is an invitation for people to take the next step with you. Make sure it is clear what they need to do next. Never assume that people know what to do, tell them very clearly!

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