We are so blessed to live in this day and age where you can reach people for free on social media and yet, spirit-driven entrepreneurs can still find themselves struggling to gain people every day.

You are going to have break free of that comfort zone, you know?

I always tell clients that if not for business, I may never have got into social media but that is where people are and so, that is where I am too!

Same goes for you, my love – you are an entrepreneur now – You gotta start thinking like one.


You probably already got that, right?

But what does that mean?

Ask yourself – where are my people? and then take yourself to wherever they are and start commenting on their stuff, answering questions, sharing it, if appropriate, liking on it.  You can find people communicating on other people’s pages, groups – YOUR OWN profile and groups and pages.  respond to people and also add your own content in there.


What kind of content? Anything that empowers, inspires, entertains, educates.

Quote images, text updates, videos, audios – Whatever will help your people

Make it sound like you – It is not enough to just share other people’s content or else, you are not showing up as an expert for your potential clients or customers so get to know yourself and start sharing your thoughts with the world.

I always suggest to clients that they create anything from 3 – 8 pieces of content dependent on the platform they are most active on.


Please stop avoiding adverts.  You are an entrepreneur now.  Stop thinking like a regular person.  Your ad spend is an investment in the growth of your business.  You can make your content go further with advertising and the great thing about using FB ads is that they record everyone who acts in any way on your post and you can then target just those people who showed interest in what you had to say.


Do I have to explain this one?  Just show up everyday if you want to make sales everyday.

And on that note, have you got the free 5 step blueprint I created recently – MAKE SALES EVERYDAY – Go get it at rosemarynonnyknight.com/makesaleseveryday.

Much Amazing Love

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