How To Gain Confidence – Three Strategies for moving from Fear to Confidence in double quick time

How to gain confidence

Discovering how to gain confidence is an important part of being a leader, whether in the home, in your business or in your career.

Too many people live a life on the baseline because they are petrified about doing anything that will upset the applecart – That just cannot be you.

You must be a person that can switch immediately into confidence.

You have dreams, you have ideas, you have plans for this amazing life that you intend to live.  Infact, to the people around you, you may already be living the life you dream of, right now and yet, you know you live with an underlying fear that it will all be taken away from you in a heartbeat.

This internal fear stops you doing things you really, really want to do.

These fears stop you from taking the next step into the next level for you.

I know that feeling – that feeling you get that you are created to do more and yet you stay in the comfort zone – your zone of excellence rather than your zone of genius – so you are doing just enough…

but nowhere near as much as you know you are capable of.

I lived like that for a long time.  I tried to conform to other people’s expectations of what greatness was – Get that professional job, work my way up someone else’s ladder, make lots of money and then I will be happy…

Well,  I tried and it did not work and all the time, I kept wanting to break free, to do my own thing and yet, I was scared.

Scared of doing anything that would upset the precariously balanced applecart.

I dabbled, but never fully committed and I even went bankrupt…

And still, still I knew there could be more to me.

I mean, I was never really good at following other people’s plans for me anyway so why even keep pretending?

I have always been a gal that does her own thing and was considered the black sheep by my family and still am, in some ways.

I am always the one that must do the different thing and you know what…

I embrace that!

I refuse to live like everyone else, progressively getting more and more desperate to live to their full potential but giving up because it seems too hard.

Yesterday, a lady requested a one to one session with me and when asked about her motivation to change on a scale of 1 – 10, she said a 3!

At this point, I pointed her in the direction of my free stuff because you know what, if you can only drag up a motivation of 3 to see change in your life then you certainly are not ready to work with me.  I can give you the strategies but something inside you must be willing to do the work.

Of course, she got upset with me for telling her this but you know what – I am here to support leaders and those motivated to be leaders!  And I do not apologize for that.

There are innumerable resources to take people up from a 3 to a higher number and then we can have that one-to-one-strategy session and this video here is one of the things that can support you.  If you explore this site, there is so much available to support you but you gotta be willing to do the work…

Anyway, if you ever wondered how to gain confidence – inner confidence then here are three incredibly result-producing strategies to help you move from fear to confidence ina heartbeat.

What could life look like for you if you felt confident all the time?  What could you do if you were not afraid?

And if you can drag up more than a 3 when it comes to your motivation to change then pop along to and lets see what we can do together to take you to your next level.

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