How to Focus and accelerate your results

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Do you struggle knowing how to focus your energies and activity in one place at a time?  This can be one serious factor that affects how quickly and how successfully you progress in your chosen field.

 How to Focus

As women, we can be considered multi-taskers but this can certainly have its downsides.  If you are a mother, you can find yourself rushing off in numerous directions as this child calls you for something, or that child calls you for something else, you need to cook food for the troops and you also are trying to hold a phone conversation with your mother or worse yet, with a client!  Have you seen the post about the phone call…  Now imagine adding home schooling to that and you get a completely harried mother with no time for creative outputs whatsoever.

How can you remained focused on one or just a few things at a time?  Is it even possible?

I think it is.  And I am heading towards it with great…  you guessed it, focus. 🙂

I am a Type A character.  I always seem to have a lot of spinning plates and even I , do not consider this a great thing so I work on ways to focus my activities.

Let me give you a few tips on learning how to be focused.

How to Focus Tip 1

Do you know where you want to go? Do you know, really know, what it is you are trying to make happen?  Tie that down first by WRITING DOWN some goals for the various aspects of your life, like health, career, business, investments, family relationships, spirituality and more.   They may change later but start right now with something to focus on.

How to Focus Tip 2

Having decided what YOU want, it is time to figure what no longer fits in your life.  It is time to drop some things.  Start to figure out how to taper certain things off.  It is time to create boundaries with certain people in your life.

How to Focus Tip 3

Each day make a list of things you need to do.  Yes, I mean, a To-do list.  Do it first thing before all the crises kick in.  Think of your goals and figure out little steps you can make to get you where you want to go.  So, if you are a Mum, the chances are, you do not get big chunks of free time so learn to work in 15 minute blocks.  Focus on ONE thing on your list for that period of time before getting called to the next thing.

If absolutely necessary, for instance, the little one needs a potty run, then go off quick and come back quick.

 How to Focus Tip 4

Delegate, delegate, delegate. You are great at some stuff but not necessarily everything.  Decide what is truly important in the long run for you and delegate as much as you can.  Do YOU personally have to do all the cleaning, the ironing, the cooking, the child-minding, the administrative stuff?  If you are anything like I was, you will feel the answer is ‘Yes’.  But is that true?

I have had to learn to delegate what I can while keeping the important stuff.  YOU can too.

There are many many other things I could say about focus but start with this four and see how you get on.  Do add your thoughts below or on the Facebook page.  As always, if you need any help with putting this into practice, why not give me a shout and I may well be able to help you.

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