How To Develop Your Social Media Content Strategy

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How To Develop Your Social Media Content Strategy

You live in a great time for getting your product or service out into the world because social media is available to you. For a long time, the only way to get your message out about your business was to use offline means and also to use search engine advertising. The advent of social media has made your prospects so much more accessible.

However, you do still need a strategy in place or at least to recognize what social media cannot do so that you do not sink a lot of your time into a strategy that does not work for you.

Know Where Your Best Prospect Spend Their Time

New social media platforms keep popping up all over the place and if you try to be present in all of these places, you will end up spending an incredible amount of time chasing after people who may never become your customers.Instead of this, ask your current best customers where they are and be there too. Build your presence in a place where people like your current ideal customers may be hanging out.

Choose One or Two Platforms To Master

When you start out in business, it will more than likely be you alone trying to get noticed. AS mentioned already, you do not have an excess of time. As soon as you discover where most of your prospective customers are, pick a maximum of two of those platforms to master at the start.When you grow your business, you can get assistance from freelancers to develop your presence on the other platforms.

What kinds of content work?

On your chosen platforms, figure out what content tends to work. Is it text, audios, videos, PDF documents, presentations, images? What size of images work? That becomes relevant as each platform has different dimensions.Also, investigate some of the leading business owners in your industry to see what types of content they use to engage their customers.

Create Your Content

Ultimately, you need to create content and put it out in the world and then test and see the response to it. Most of the social media platforms provide you with numerical insights on what works and how well it works. As soon as you spot a trend towards a certain type of content, create more of the same.

Recycle Your Content

Make sure you build a presence that keeps attracting more and more new prospects into your business world. So, after about 3 – 6 months, you can reuse content that you created previously because you have a whole new set of people in your world.

Do not expect to get everything for free

Choose to invest in getting your content seen. Understand that the leads that come to your business through your social media content may be considerably warmer than those who come as a result of your advertising dollars.So, choose to use some of your marketing budget to promote your content.   Your content can position you as an expert rather than a 20 word advert.

Also, remember that all of these social media platforms have to create an income so do not expect to get your message out about your business for free. Choose to be thankful for the fact that the platforms exist and have put in the effort to get a lot of your prospects in the same place and pay for the privilege of reaching them.

Building It Alone will not bring them

Go into social media groups and make new contacts. Share your content. Do not wait for someone else to do it for you. Only create content you are proud to share to the world and also, build relationships. Remember it is social media.

Creating content will always be one of the most time-consuming things that you will do in your business, particularly if you follow a content marketing strategy. Do not shirk from doing the work.

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