How To Create An Email Campaign That Gets More Customers

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Email MArketingYou know you have to build an email list, right?  You know you have to keep building relationships with the people on your list, right?  Well, setting up an automated sequence of emails that every new subscriber goes through will prove pretty useful to help you in moving your prospects through a pre-planned  process that makes you sales over and over again.

This pre-planned series is called an autoresponder series and you can use most email marketing service providers such as mail chimp or constant contact to do this pretty easily.

This article will help you think through a few ideas of an email marketing campaign.

  1. First Email: Welcome ThemThe first email just says hello and tells your new prospect what they can expect from being in your world.  Of course, you will have a lead magnet that will also be delivered in this initial email.  Keep this short and sweet and depending on the frequency of emails you have chosen to go with, tell them when they can expect to hear from you next.
  2. Second email – Ask What They Want Help WithAsk for feedback.  What chellenges are your prospects facing?  How can you support them?  When just starting out in building your business, it is best not to assume you know and actually ask them for their thoughts.  What do they consider to be their issues and pay particular attention to the words they use.
  3. Third Email – Offer something usefulDepending on what your business is, this may be a discount voucher, a training video or audio.  Usually something different from the first lead magnet offered.  Also, make sure there is a call to action in this email.  What action do you want them to take?  Send them to that product or service to take a look.
  4. Fourth Email – What do others think?You could add a few testimonials in this email that tells your prospects what others think about working with you or your product.  You can say you are wonderful but it always sounds better coming from someone else.
  5. Fifth Email – A Benefit EmailReally tap into the emotional reasons that your new prospect will have for buying.  This particular email will get better with time as you learn more about your prospects’ wants and needs but for now, decide what you feel the benefits would be.  Also, make this initial offer time limited.  As a new member of your community, you may want to offer a discount if they buy without a certain period of time
  6. Sixth Email – Another Benefit Email And Reminder Remind them of the time limited offer available to them as a new member of your community and also pinpoint another benefit for them.
  7. Seventh Email – Answer some of their questions What questions do you think people will ask about the product?  Answer one or two of them in an email and again remind them of the time limited natire of the offer on the table.

This is usually a good place to start for your first email campaign and of course, the longer you remain in this business, the longer you can make your autoresponder series.

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