Sometimes, people tell me they just do not know what to sell and that is why they cannot be an entrepreneur yet, even though they say they want to be one.

I have found that lots of people pretend to not know what to sell because then they never actually have to commit to anything.

That is step 1, my love.

Do you have an idea inside of you to sell something but there is so much fear around it that you would rather pretend not to know?

In which case, nothing I say here is gonna help you.

You have to take that fear head-on and boldly decide that you do not need to know everything about everything, you just need to SAY YES, first and once you have done that, then it will be easy enough to come up with the next step.

However, if you really do not know what to sell…

Take inventory of your likes.

As a member of this community, the chances are that you are a person with words – Words that can cut someone down or empower and build them up and if you can find a product or service that you are passionate about, then it will be easy for you to use those awesome words of yours to promote, promote, PROMOTE!

So let’s figure out what you like to talk about or use or help people with…

Physical things that you enjoy using or creating – Some people sell electronics because they love knowing about the latest gadgets and such and if you spend all that time researching gadgets, why not sell them too and make money from your passion?

I like to sing, I created an album which has sold quite a few copies just by my telling people in the community about it.  What do you like to do and can you turn it into a product?

Non -physical ideas that you think about a lot, argue about a lot, have strong feelings about, love helping people with (even when they do not want your help!).  Maybe a service you would like to provide because you see that the industry is not served all that well.

I started my online business by creating digital products and coaching programs around a real estate strategy that enabled me to more than replace my full-time pharmacist income.

So what do you know that you can share with others?

At this point, anything will do, if you are reasonably happy that you know enough to talk about it with passion.


After you have decided on what you like is to figure out how you can supply this thing to the people you want to serve.

If it is a physical product, you can be an agent/affiliate for the person who actually makes it and make a commission from every sale – No inventory – You can start selling as soon as you sign up as an agent/affiliate – Amazon associates is a great way to get going as they seem to sell EVERYTHING but their commissions can be low-ish so look around.

You could even call up a company to see if you could set up a unique relationship with them.

Another option would be to find the manufacturer and also find someone who can drop-ship it for you, as in, they store and deliver the item for you whenever you have a purchase.  This means again, you do not have to get all involved in shipping and handling.  You just focus on building your audience and selling the thing.  Again, Fulfilled by Amazon is a way to do that (Is there anything Amazon does not do?!)

Another option is network marketing – Is there a network marketing company that makes and distributes the item?  Sign up with them.  It is an awesome way to get into business, as they usually also provide sales training as part of the set-up.  And if you are particularly blessed, you will have an awesome upline person to help you each step of the way.  That does not always work though.

Of course, you may love to make your own art, crafts, cosmetics, whatever – That too is a viable business option.

If it is a digital product or service…

Is it yours or someone else’s, because again, you can be an affiliate for someone else’s coaching program, books, standalone programs, events and earn a commission on every sale.  Find people you believe in and ask if you can sell their stuff.

You can create your own digital products, coaching programs, events and so on.  As already established, this is my product of choice – I LOVE sharing my information and helping others to prosper.  You may have specialist knowledge from a job or from past life experiences that you can package up and sell, this is a very VERY viable model to make at least $5K a month.

And then once you have DECIDED…

You begin the work of promoting.

Yes, there are many steps that you could get stumped by, if you choose

Or you can just keep moving forward.

One step then the next.

What will it be?

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Much Amazing Love

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