How to Change Your Life – What a difference Life Coaching can make

How to Change Your LifeHow to change Your life? Now that is a huge question, do you not agree? And today, I am inspired to answer it because in my heart is a fire bursting to flame.

I have just crawled (YES! Crawled) out of the princesses’ room.  It is late Saturday night and H woke as I spoke loudly to one of my clients. Having just resettled her, I have crawled away attempting to avoid the creaky floorboards.

I managed it and so far, so good, she is still asleep.

While waiting for her to sleep, I sat by her, reading.  This book has inspired me afresh by reminding me why I do what I do.



How to change Your life in ONE practical step

Sometimes, I feel I must cloak what I do in order to get beneath the defenses of those who consider themselves too strong to need me. (Of course, that says more about me than it does you.  The question must then be, am I trying to please you or am I trying to serve you? But who said coaches are perfect 🙂 )

I call myself a business mentor, I call myself a consultant.  It makes you feel strong to have a mentor, a consultant but a COACH?  What on earth is a coach and more importantly, you think, Why on earth do I need one?

Yet, each day, I see and hear you walking around with your story of limitation –

  • I have no money
  • I am too old
  • This is just the way I am
  • Nothing good ever happens to me
  • I am worth nothing
  • I do not know what I want
  • I get so angry
  • I cannot stop feeling depressed
  • I am too fearful to take the next step
  • I am content doing this job I hate but it pays the bills and others have no work, so I am lucky, right?
  • I need more education before I can do that
  • If only my partner had not had the affair…
  • If only my kids did what I asked them to do…
  • If only I did not feel so tired all the time, I would…
  • If not for my upbringing, I would be ………

I hear these stories and I cry out inside because I know, I KNOW there is more. You KNOW it too but discovering how to change your life seems too much for little old you.

I look at you and I see the potential inside but I need your permission to bring it out, to bring it out to the surface.  There is a part of you that knows your own power and you are scared of it because by facing it, you feel you may change beyond what you can deal with.  You may change beyond what your loved ones can deal with and you might be alone or you might fail.

So you wander around, stuck in the comfortable place, stuck where everyone else is and where you feel safe, if just a little discontent.  You may be financially successful and yet, you KNOW you are not living to your full potential because everything else apart from money, is NOT working!

The book I am reading is one by Steve Chandler called ‘[amazon_link id=”1934759546″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]The Life Coaching Connection – How coaching changes lives[/amazon_link]’ and it is a reminder of all I feel called and perfectly gifted and positioned to do.

I am here like Michelangelo to help you see the angel beneath the rough.  I am here to help you look inside to find the truth about yourself.  The truth that you are only limited by your failure to be YOU! Your inability to see YOU keeps you bound in the realm of other people’s expectations of you.  You conform or you rebel, rather than live fully as you.

And that is where I come in because you can be anything you want to be, you can do whatever you want to do if you will just choose YOU! I choose YOU! and because I choose you, I can help you do the same.

No, I am not here to psycho-analyse you, to take you deep into your past and figure out all the stories and lies there. No, that is not my role. I am here to get you into action, To take who you are now and get you where you want to be and to where you did not know you had the capability to be.

Life then starts to be exhilarating only because now instead of avoiding the elephant in the room (YOU), you can move swiftly into recognising the thing you really want to do, the service you want to provide and you become free to get on with doing it. Right by your side, your coach challenges, provokes, listens, supports and you are not alone in the transformation.

So here is my invitation, Choose YOU! Choose to be Your Best.  Get yourself a coach and make the most of your time here on this planet.

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