Com’on honey, do you have a mailing list?

Seriously, how can you not?!

Or maybe you are one of the few who do – WELL DONE!

Keep reading, you may pick up some tips, anyway

OK, so you finally see that you do need to stay in touch with your people away from social media…

Maybe you are beginning to realise that you do not have all that much control over the platforms…

If they go down, your business can go down too if all you have is social media.

And also, people need many touches in order for them to trust you enough to buy from you so email is a great way to follow up with peeps in a different way from social media.  Also, who knows who sees what, on social media!

OK, so what do you need first…

1. A FREE GIVEAWAY aka a ‘YOUR PEOPLE’ magnet or ‘lead magnet’ – the more official name

What is a burning issue that your people have? Can you create a report, video, audio, webinar that solves it for them?

Well, of course, the answer is yes.

Now, I would just say, keep it to something you can create in a day

Keep it easy to create.

The idea is not to overburden yourself and then never actually create it because you got scared!

Something simple.

Use google docs, word, pages to create a document/checklist/eBook that answers the question and save as a pdf – Upload to google drive or the back of your website if you have one.

Use your phone to record an audio that answers the burning issue and upload as a private file on soundcloud or even upload to google drive and get the shareable link from there

Use your phone to record a video and do the same as in the audio but you can use youtube to upload or google drive.

Use a FB group to run a livestream as webinar so that you do not have to pay for software or you can use WEBINARJAM –

Simple!  this can be done in a day – MAX!

2. Create landing page text

I like to type up a title, subtitle and 3-5 bullet points explaining why people want this, into Evernote or Google docs.

So do that now.

This is what will be on the page that you send people to, in order for them to sign up.


Ok so there are many other email marketing software suppliers out there but this is the one I have used forever and so, I highly recommend it.

Go sign up for their 30 day free trial and if you get going fast, you would have made the money back by the time the 30 days are over and you can easily pay for the program from your income.

Set up your first list as they show you in the intro videos or come into the opulence circle and take part in BUSINESS HERO BOOTCAMP where I explain it all down to the nitty gritty details –

Then create your initial email and include the link for your free giveaway, telling people where to get it from and also welcoming them to the community.


Next, if you do not want to spend time messing around with a webpage on your website (or if you do not have a website at all), use leadpages –

It is an awesome web application that allows you to create web pages pretty dang easily.  I use it for all of my landing pages and sales pages.  It is a templated site so all you need to do is integrate it with aweber (it tells you how or Business Hero Bootcamp will show you how) and take your text and copy/paste across.


That is it.

It really is not that complicated.  The first time you do it, it might feel complicated but after you do it a few times, you will see that it really is quite simple to do.   At some point, you might even get an awesome team member to do it for you but you still want to know how to get something up and running.  The thing to realise is that your first, second, TENTH lead magnet may not give you the results you want, so be prepared to keep trialling new ideas.  I cannot tell you how many free giveaways i have created in my time so please do not try to make your first one SOOOOO special that again, you never quite get it out there or you are crushed when only your mum signs up for it!

Now, all you need to do  is send people over repeatedly

Communicate with people everywhere and tell them where to go get your free giveaway – remember you need to entertain, educate and empower, not just offer your free gift.  I know that you may think that because it is free, it does not need selling, IT DOES!  It still is asking people to give you a piece of their identity – email address and it will still consume some of their time so SELL IT.

Too many people tell me they tried this and it did not work for them and when I ask how frequently they told people about the give away – They tell me once or twice and I laugh my head off!

Do not be those people.

Go all in.

Give it your all.  Promote it like you would sell your products or services… SERIOUSLY!

Ok, now…


I am sure you will have questions but still make a start, you can figureit out as you go or be wise and come work with me in the Circle.

And before you go, if you are that spirit-driven entrepreneur DETERMINED to make at least $5K online, pop over to where you can grab my brand new free report – MAKE SALES EVERYDAY which does exactly what it says in the tile.  It gives you all the nitty gritty of daily sales and income.

Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight
the Prosperity Minister

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