This is the thing – It does matter that you have people joining your mailing list every day!
It really does!
For one, not everyone is ready to buy from you at first pass…
For two, the fortune is in the follow up!
One of the first major coaching programs I bought was from a dude whose list I had been on for 6 years – 6 YEARS of nothingness from me and then I dropped about £10k on him because he stayed in touch with me for the whole time.
And how did I get on that list in the first place?
He had some kind of a lead magnet that I was interested in and so, he got my attention, I gave him my details in exchange for the information I wanted and then I heard from him consistently until I was ready to take the next step.
No, I am not suggesting that every single person on your list will wait that long but I do want you to see how important it is to attract people onto your mailing list, if you are serious about building a business.  And how best to do that?
You need a lead magnet – Do you have one?
Do you have a working one?
Are you getting people onto your list every single day?
Whether you have a product, a service or an opportunity, if you are serious about growing your business, you need to have some kind of a lead magnet and so this week’s masterclass is all about that.
On Wednesday, 5pm Eastern/9pm UK, I will be teaching you exactly how to attract lots of leads and build a big mailing list using a lead magnet.  Find out more here
You will learn…
  • How to decide on what your lead magnet should be

  • Why it needs to be as valuable as a paid-for item

  • What to give away and what to hold back

  • The tools you can use to create your lead magnet

  • How long it should take you to create one and how much your people are likely to consume

  • How to use it to get lots of people opting in to your mailing list

  • What headlines to use to really get the attention of the people you want to attract

  • How to outline it so that it is easy to create

  • The various types of lead magnets available and how to choose which one to go with

  • Where you must promote it in order to get as much attention as possible for it

  • Do you need ads?  Maybe not, Learn how to promote without spending lots of money

  • How to attract people using your lead magnet whether you have a website or not.

To find out more and to jump on now while there is still an early bird, quick action taker discount available, pop over to

Kind Regards

Rosemary Nonny Knight

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