Everyone wants to know how to be successful – It is something within our DNA, within our genes – We want to expand, we want to be more.  We may all define success differently but we all want it.  And even if people around us consider us to be successful, if we are not living to our own definition of success, then we keep searching.

Some people have settled for never getting success because they feel they are not up to the task but I am here to remind you that your own individually defined meaning of success is absolutely possible for you.

Here are 9 ideas

1. Stop caging in your hopeAllow yourself to want what you want

It serves no one for you to believe that you can only get the bare minimum out of life.  You may be told that you are selfish or deluded when you tell people your actual dreams but if you do not believe in yourself, who will?

Give yourself permission to want what you want.  Just because others around you have settled for less does not mean you have to, as well.  I am of the opinion that the dreams you have are given to you to fulfil – They are unique to you but if you are anything like most people, you have probably spent a considerable amount of time denying what you want and thinking that you are not allowed it.

Life is not a rehearsal. Stop putting things off. Step up and claim all that you want! 2032. How To Be Successful? Know What It Means To You…

As a follow on from the last point, whip out that journal and write, write, write all about what it means to you to be successful.  Your version of success will never look like anyone else’s and that is absolutely okay but you need to KNOW what it means for YOU to be successful so that you can keep taking steps towards it.

Winning is a decision.  Success is a decision and yes, at times, it feels tough but by getting clear on what you want, allowing yourself to think it is possible for you, then you can start and CONTINUE to take the steps until you get there.

Be persistent, be consistent3. Consistency & Persistence

One of the biggest reasons most ‘norms’ never experience true success is because they do not persistently do the work that will get them there.  They try something once, twice and then they quit.

And if they get past their reluctance to be persistent, they get to a modicum of success but then stop doing what they were doing to get there.

You need both consistency and persistence if you are going to be successful and REMAIN successful.

And it will take a whole lot more persistence than you ever imagine to reach your chosen destination.  The question is, how important is it to you to live a purpose-driven life?  To create wealth?  If it is important, then it is time you got to work.

Don't let fear dictate your life4. Drop The Fear!

Being a successful entrepreneur will very much depend on your ability to face your fears and still do the required work.  Too many people are controlled by their fears and that stops them taking the consistent action that will get them the success they want.

I lived a lot of my life in fear of failing and also of succeeding – I know I am strange 😀  but a lot of people suffer from both these afflictions and also they suffer from the fear of other people’s opinions.  The thing is, we have to get past this stuff, if we are going to win at life and business, if you are going to learn how to be successful.

So, here is a quick exercise for you.

Write out your fears and see them for what they are.  When you write them on paper and you look at them, the chances are that you will realise that they are nowhere near as scary as you imagine.

If you want change, you must change5. Be Open To Change

Can I point something out to you?  The thinking, the person that got you here is not going to get you to the next level of success.  You have to be willing to consider new ways of thinking, new ways of being and it will not always be comfortable.  YOU have had your current way of thinking formed in you since birth – You have believed there is only so much that you are capable of doing when really, you are limitless.  You look around you, you see the people who have been part of your life FOREVER and that determines what you think you can have.

No matter how successful your family are, if you want something different then you are going to have to become someone different.

Will you be open to new ways of thinking, of being?

What books are you reading?  Are you working with a coach?  Are you a member of a mastermind of like-minded people? These are things that will help you see things differently from your norm, open you up to new levels of success and teach you how to be successful.

Life is not a rehearsal. Stop putting things off. Step up and claim all that you want! 1966. Do Work You Love

There are varying viewpoints on this – Some say, just do work that will create wealth and then let that wealth enable you to do whatever you like in your spare time and I suppose that can work.  And another valid part of that argument is that when you try to monetize work that you love, then you end up hating the work because you have to do it and do it AND DO IT! so the wonder of it is lost.

That is one argument when you consider how to be successful and maybe you agree.

However, I think that any business you set up is going to take a huge amount of time in order for it to work so why not make sure that all that time is spent doing things that you love doing?  Things that do not feel at all like work because you are passionate about it!  What if you could create a life where, instead of boxing things up into work and life and talking about work-life balance, you just love everything you do?  Spending time with family, spending time travelling, spending time working all blended into one.  It seems like a fantasy to most, but you could create that level of success, if you decide to!

Stop getting distracted7. Stop Getting Distracted

Life is full of distractions, full of the urgent things that you absolutely must do NOW!  the thing is, if your whole life is just full of the urgent things, you will never do the important work that takes you to real, big success.

Yes, I get it, your child is ill, the bills are due to be paid, there are errands to run and the boss wants you and yes, you can make your whole life be about the agenda of other people but I assure you that that will leave you in exactly the same place FOREVER!

Now, you have a better idea of what success looks like to you, you have to deliberately take steps to get there and that will mean doing things you are not used to doing.  That will mean refusing to keep doing the normal URGENT things, you have to figure out how to fit the important things in, as well.

Sometimes, you have to walk alone8. Be Willing To Be Misunderstood

This is hard for most people to understand because we are all brought up to belong to a tribe and breaking free from that tribe to discover our own path is tough and yet it is essential for success to happen, whatever success means to you.  As I have already said, you cannot be the same as you were and get different results.  You cannot stay trapped by the same rules of the tribe you were brought up with and expect to get new and better results.  You have to be brave enough to break free and stand alone for a while from your church, your family, your peer group.  No, you do not have to give it up forever but understand that they will not understand why you are making such different decisions.  So, you may have to stand back from your normal relationships for a little while as you forge a new path for yourself.

And the thing is, you will start to form new relationships, as well.

Partner With God9. Partner With God

Yes, you can try to work your fingers to the bone as you push and push and push as you figure out how to be successful.  Or you can recognize that you are not alone in this.  The universe is on your side! GOD is on your side and you can listen into the intuitive part of you, the little voice inside of you that offers wisdom, more wisdom than you realise you have.  Tap into that.

Set your intentions, pray your prayers and move.  Take a little time each day to get in touch with Spirit and then act on that – It will propel you forward so much faster than just conventional wisdom.

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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