There is 91 days from now until Christmas and what are you doing to achieve your goals before the next year arrives and takes us into 2016.

How close are you at the moment to where you wanted to be?  have you decided that your goals were just plain crazy anyway and so now settled for whatever you can get?  The early boost of the year is gone and now, all you are doign is trying to make your way through.

Com’on now.

What will stop next year from being exactly the same?

Or even the next month?  or the next 100 days?

It is time to start afresh.

What do you need to achieve your goals for 2015 before the year runs away from you?

Get clear

I feel like I am always typing this in response to anythign that one wants to do and having spoken to a great number of entrepreneurs and also, having lived in my head, I realise it is one of the most important things you can do.  It is an ongoing experience  as well and that is the thing.  Some people think that once you havewritten down your goals once then there is no longer a need to do any more but I beg to differ.  You need to come back, write them out again, ensure they are still true to what you want and rewrite and rewrite.

No, this is not about spending whole days writing and rewriting…

If that is what you do then of course, yuo have not accomplished anything yet.

You could literally spend ten minutes each morning or last thing at night getting clear again and again about what you want to make happen and WHY?

It is important to consider the WHY?

Because, as I am sure you have realised, the goal alone may not be enough to get you into action and keep you in action when the days seem long and hard.  So tap into a very emotional ‘WHY’ and keep that top of mind.

When I started in business for the final time (yep, I started and stopped quite a few times! Finally I stuck at it), the reason I was able to stay stuck in place making it happen was my girls.  I have not had the most fun of childhoods and I wanted better for my princesses.  I did not see my mum much between being sent to boarding school at 8 (I can’t imagine that for T who is 8 right now!) and my dad having an accident that left him a parapegic so my mum was always out at work and again, I wanted different for my princesses.  I also passionately did not want to go back to the mind numbing pharmacy work – The truth is, this last reason was not a great ‘WHY?’ because without the princesses, I might have gone back to it.  The money was good – So what was the issue?  Oh yeah, mind numbing boredom!

Not big enough reason – Lots of people live in mind numbing boredom and just get on with it.  So, as I say, this last one was not compelling enough.  So if your reason is financial freedom, I tell you that that is not a good wnough reason to achieve your goals.  You have to understand WHY you want financial freedom, WHY you want out of your job, What will you do with all that time?  What is your WHY?

Break It Down

What is it that you want again?  OK, so that is your 100 day goal so break it down into weeks and days and measure it each day.  Stay aware as to whether you are anywhere near where you said you were going to be.  Get deliberate about this.  For instance if you know you have to speak to 5 extra people a day to grow your network marketing business then commit to doing it and don’t go to sleep until you do.

I know it is easier said than done but if you are serious then you know that 5 people today is easier to accomplish than 10 tomorrow.  Although what is more likely to happen is that you will get overwhelmed with the ever increasing numbers if you do not stay on course so why not keep it simple on yourself and just connect with 5 people today.

Commit to fulfilling your daily chunks.

This also has the effect of raising…

Your Self Belief

Some people wait and wait for their confidence and self belief to be at an all time high before they get into action and all that happens is that they feel more and more ‘down in the dumps’ because they are waiting for something that is waiting for them to show up.

Don’t be that person.

Your self belief and confidence will rise with your help, your action.  Leap, do something and as you see what you are capable of, achieving goals becomes easier.

Get Accountable

Stop deceving yourself!  If you were going to do all you had set out to do on your own this year, you would have done it or at least be on track to do it by now.  If you are not, is the goal important enough to get support?  Or are you going to keep deceiving yourself?

Work with a coach, someone external to all your internal angst.  Let them hold you to your goals.  Let them make sure you are on track and that there are no crazy things going on in your head preventing you from doing what you set out to do.

OK, time to step up your game.

Let’s go!  You have 100 days, make sure everything you do gets you where you want to go, OK?



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