I know you think you are ready for increased prosperity, peace and freedom and yet, you resist your good.

? You stop reading when the words hit too close to home.

? You tell yourself you have something more pressing to do, right now.

? You feel the resonance in your heart and you tell yourself that you will act on it…later.

? You need to go to the bathroom, just as you get to the part where you have to take an action.

? You feel hungry, thirsty or in need of a cigarette/marijuana or whatever calms you down.

? You absolutely MUST watch that TV program right now.

? You tell yourself to fast and pray just to check that God is in it, before you take the action you feel guided to take.

? You tell yourself you cannot afford the next step

? You tell yourself everyone is just out to scam you.

? You don’t think anything can work for you

? And of course, no one quite understands your specific situation

? Your partner will not understand.

? This is just the way you are and you simply have to accept it.

? Only weak people need support or coaching

? Things will work themselves out without your direct, deliberate input.

? You don’t want to be a bother.

? It is not spiritual for you to admit the anger and hatred and pain you feel – You just need to pretend that all is well and then, it will finally all be well.

? Everything is too expensive for you and you just don’t have the money (of course, this has been your story FOREVER but you believe that it will change while you do nothing different)

? People in your family just have to suffer in that way

? People in your family never get support for that thing

? You are too black or not black enough

? You are too white-privileged and suffering from first world problems – It would not be fair for you to get even more privilege.

? People in your family will dislike you for daring to speak about the things that affect you all.

? God will not approve of you doing this thing you feel inspired to do

? Mercury retrograde is against you in some mysterious way that stops you doing anything at this time

? The angels said no

? If you go ‘there’ to that painful place inside your heart, it might overwhelm you and you will never be able to recover.

? You live in the wrong country.

? You have the wrong background.

? You do not have the right connections or knowledge or training.

? As soon as you get ___________________, then of course, you will take the next step.

? It is against your upbringing.

? It is against your religion.

? Your pastor said no

? You are too old

? You are too young

? You are not worthy enough

? It is too hard to change

? You just do not have the energy right now

? You are too fat, thin, dumb, smart, short, tall, lazy, weak, strong, poor.

? You are too stuck.

? The time is just not right

? You have too many pressing things to do, right now – Maybe, next week

? It would take too much time away from your family or your work or your church

? ‘They’ need you to be the same, do the same.

? It was so hard for you to get ‘here’ and you do not want to do anything to jeopardize it

? You don’t want anyone to know you need some help”

And I just love the ones who send me messages about how much they love my work and how when they get more money, THEN they will finally act on what they feel inspired to do.

Oh honey, I could go on and go on about the lies we tell ourselves when we are simply resisting the thing that needs to be done.

I have heard all the wonderful sounding reasons why you cannot move right now.  I have probably said them myself at earlier points in my life when I was deceiving myself into thinking that anything I said that stopped me from moving forward, was true.

And I guess you must be happy with life as it is, in which case, of course, stay put.

However, I am calling out to the person who is done with allowing the resistance to keep them from their own highest and best.

To you, I say JOIN THE ABUNDANCE LIBRARY now and start immersing yourself in the programs.

NOW is the time for fortune restoration and expansion.

NOW, not later.

Here is the link – https://mibusiness.lpages.co/the-abundance-library/

Stop telling yourself false stories and allow yourself to take back dominion over your money, your relationships, your energy.

You deserve the best

You are worthy of it.


Allow yourself to partner with the Divine and live the prosperous life you are born for.


Come join in now and start your immersion at https://mibusiness.lpages.co/the-abundance-library/.

Much Amazing Love

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