How on earth can I enlarge my vision when…?

By September 9, 2013November 6th, 2014Business, Entrepreneur, Self Development

“Enlarge My Vision?  You want me to enlarge my vision?  What does that even mean?  Do you understand that life is tough?”

Well, Yes I do know that.

Enlarge My VisionLife can be a catalogue of troubles, trials, hardships and disappointments.  Most people launch into the world full of hope and so relieved to be free of the shackles of school (if you were fortunate enough to go), these people think life is going to be amazing.  They will change the world, they think.  They are full of hopes and dreams of things they will do and then life starts to happen to them and holding on to the dreams and visions seems too hard.  Mediocrity sets in.

Somewhere under all that mediocrity though is someone hoping that things will change.  The government will start to care about you, someone might leave you some money.  You might discover that you won the lottery or something else might happen that will take the onus off you to actually make something happen.

Sorry, Honey, It will not happen!

Other people were born into hardship.  They cannot remember a time when they were not working, struggling, striving to get something to eat.  Their whole life is a constant struggle for survival.  There is no time for dreams, no time for anything.  Life is just plain tough and getting from day to day is enough effort for them.  They cannot see any way to live differently

And yet, for every type of person,  the message is the same – Enlarge Your Vision.

Take a moment and look around you.  Take a second out of the craziness that is your life.  Spend some moments dreaming about what could be.  The world is full of abundance though many would have us believe resources are limited.

Resources are abundant to those who will choose to see that abundance,  to those who will choose to make use of that abundance.  Is there anyone around you doing well legitimately?  Then ask them how they did it? Take a little of your hard earned cash and pay them to show you what they did.  You would only spend it on something that will come to an end fairly shortly after buying it anyway so why not make it last?

Learn how to make your money work for you.

Because sometimes all you need are a few ideas and a determination to live differently.

Will you do it?

Will you find a way to say “I will enlarge my vision”?


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