How Much Time Should My Business Take Each Day?

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How Much Time Should My Business Take Each Day?

So, you bought into the nonsense, didn’t you?

You thought that when you started this lovely business, you would somehow have a whole lot more time, right?


Yes, that is me laughing at you!

You thought you would start a business and you would press the magic, secret button and all of a sudden, it would take no time at all? (And you do keep looking for that button in all the new training you keep working into your life instead of just finding someone to hold you accountable to what you already KNOW to do!)

You thought that when you started your business, the regular nonsense of life would go on hold so that you could focus and get your business off the ground, right?

Excuse me while I hide the grin of amusement on my face!

Honey, it just does not work that way.

Your business takes as long as it takes.

Yes, I know we all read the 4 hour work week (Well, actually, I did not read it, I just listened to parts of it) and business in the 21st century is now supposed to be all about flexibility and time freedom and all that stuff and I do agree…

It certainly is.

But what someone forgot to mention to you was the fact that if you just chose to do something because you thought it would make you money then you are going to hate it because you are going to invest a lot of time in getting things off the ground, whether you like it or not! And you will resent your business because it feels worse than your job!

Suggestion if this is you – Get a job or stick with the job and stop deceiving yourself. And if you have money, try armchair investing. Find someone you trust to invest in property or something else for you – That could get you the freedom you desire. Make sure you educate yourself though. You know what they say about the fool and his money…

The other thing you were not told, is that when you like what you do, it does not feel like crazy hard work. When you know that you are called to have impact on the world and you have a message that you want to deliver through your business then you feel an inner compulsion to keep going, to push through and you do not give a hoot about how long it all takes.

You love what you do.

You are passionate about it.

And for the first time in a long time, you feel alive!!!

Yes, you work hard but it fills you with satisfaction.

So you may be working all the hours God sends and yet, you are getting more done, you love every minute of it and you start to resent all the normal nonsense of life so, guess what?


Maybe not at the start because there is always that catch 22 of ‘Can I afford help?” and “ but I need help” thing going on.

But you get wise, pretty quick and you get help because you know that you are much better filling your life with things that you want to do rather than things that drive you insane.

So, again, how long is your business supposed to take each day?

Answer: As long as you want it to take.

In business, you are the captain of your own ship. You get to choose what each day entails. You stop when you want, you start when you want and you manage the other areas of life into it all as well.

No, you will not get the balance right at the start or maybe even ever – Cut yourself some slack and decide what is really important to you apart from your business so that you deliberately choose to make sure all of it fits into your life.

Yes, you want to spend time with your kids – They are possibly the reason you started this in the first place.

Yes, you want to spend time with your partner – What on earth is the point of loads of money and impact OUTSIDE your home if everyone INSIDE your home hates you?!

Yes, you want to spend some time with friends and extended family – but please bear in mind that all friends or family are not created equal! So be wise!

Yes, you want to be the best whatever you are, to your clients and customers – They are the ones you want to serve with your gifts and strengths and they are also likely the ones to pay you for what you do.

Those are key areas you want to focus on and make sure you are giving them enough time and of course, it goes without saying that in order for you to be the best in these areas, you have to be YOUR BEST SELF in health, spirituality and personal development.

And that is it.

These are the key areas of your life and instead of trying to pull yourself in innumerable directions in the 24 hours you have. Just focus on these key areas and keep your day simple.

Write out your goals for each area and continuously ask yourself if what you are doing right now is furthering your cause.

If not, then why on earth are you wasting time there?

I know you want a complicated time management plan and I am sure I can create one for you if you like but honey, please just simplify your life. Cut out anything that does not get you where you want to go and stay on track.

You are on mission!

You have a calling!

You want a fortune!

So, stay focused, stay on track and get to work!

Nothing great comes by chance, it comes by design.

Decide what you want and fight for and create it.

Start now and stop worrying about how much time your business should take – Live your full life.

I know there are no simple answers here – No A plus B makes C but that is life and you can create it any how you like – Certainly, that is liberating?

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