This is a question that a lot of entrepreneurs ask.  There is such a massive free line at the moment as everyone falls over themselves to give and to give and to give and some people try to hold it all back until you have put your money down.

And I suppose that is one way to do things and maybe it worked… once.

Now, the truth is that every piece of information you have to offer is available online somewhere or even in a book or some youtube video.  For service providers, the chances are that someone out there has done some kind of ‘How-To’ video on everything under the sun from ‘how to fix your toilet’ all the way up to ‘how to get over the death of your pet’.

And so, if a prospect really wanted to get all that information, they would.

It is not the information however that transforms the problem to a solution.

It is the implementation and that is where people struggle and that is really where you come in.

You can give away everything but when it comes to implementing, then your people still need you because sometimes, they just do not want to do it alone.  And now because they have received this wonderful information from you, they think of you as an expert and so, they are inclined to put their money down with you if they choose to take the next step.

How can you make sure they do take the next step with you?

Ask them to do it!

Really ask them to do it.

Whenever you put your information out into the world, make sure you end with an invitation to take the next step with you.  What do you want them to do?  Get on your mailing list? Buy a certain product or service?

Tell them and tell them and tell them and tell them.

Give them the information you can in the time you have but then tell them how to find out more, how to get it in a more refined way – picking up bits and bobs of information here and there is overwhelming because they do not know how it all fits together! – Tell them, tell them.

Regardless of what people try to tell you about magic formulas to how much information to give, there are none.

I mean, I have people tell me about the ‘tell them what to do but not how to do it’ and all I felt was confused.  So, I decided to stop thinking about such things and put what I know out into the world like crumbs for my people to pick up if they so wish.  When they are ready and they are certainly my people, they will come meet me in the Deliberate Millionaire and we can accelerate their growth even further and faster.

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