People are selfish and that is absolutely OK.

They are supposed to be.

They are supposed to take care of themselves.

Each person is supposed to be a priority in their own life.

the problem for you is that you have been hoodwinked into believing that people ‘should be’ selfless, that YOU should be selfless!

And I want you to look at that word – SELF-LESS – Why in the heck do you think that this should be a thing?

Why should they be LESS their SELF?

WHY should YOU be LESS your SELF?

Why on earth do you believe that the Divine made you YOU so that you could be LESS YOU?

How crazy is that belief?  How crazy is it that you allowed yourself to be mass-mind-programmed into giving and giving and giving of yourself to the DETRIMENT OF YOUR SELF?!

When will you finally wake up and make yourself a priority?

When will you finally wake up and make your vision a priority?

When will you wake up and take responsibility for the fact that you keep allowing people to walk all over you?

When will you stop expecting people to be LESS themselves so that you get what you want?

And let’s be honest, you do want something.

You want them to think you are nice.

You want them to think you are so lovely.

You want them to think you are so godly and spiritual and so giving and so strong.

You want to feel safe around people as you control them with your giving.  You keep hoping that because you have given then they will HAVE TO return in kind.

You want them all to think you are a martyr, worthy of sainthood, as you continually deny your SELF so that others can walk all over you…

And then you want to be able to tell yourself how horrible they are while you are just so godly and good.

In your business, you want them to think you are NOT about the money as you undercharge and undercut yourself at every turn.

You want them to think you are ONLY about helping and serving and loving and ‘oh what a lovely sweet little entrepreneur you are’

You want them to give you awards and accolades and to throw their money at you because you are

You want them to approve of you so that YOU can be certain of your offering, so that YOU can be confident

You want their permission to be you.

And you also WANT the Divine to notice how sweet and lovely you are so that you will be divinely rewarded with all your dreams, desires, wishes without actually having to fight & focus to bring them into the physical reality.

oh yes indeed, you want the Divine approval stamp even though you claim to believe in unconditional love

And I understand that you think you are called to save the world, that you think the Divine has called you to be LESS than your SELF, but it is not true – that is just the mass-mind-programming designed to keep you in line, to keep you tame, to keep you playing small and trying to blend in.

When last did you actually go to the Divine and ask DIRECTLY if your whole life is to be about being LESS than your SELF?

When last did you ask if your whole life is to be about giving yourself & your services away to people who are unwilling to step up and pay for the transformation they desire?


People will continue to walk all over you and treat you like dirt while you continue to allow it to happen, while you continue to treat yourself like you are LESS THAN, while you continue to despise YOUR SELF.

And that is what you are doing…

You are despising your life.

You are despising YOU!

You are CHOOSING struggle and suffering!

WAKE THE HECK UP and be the leader you are born to be.

I say, get angry.

GET FREAKING ANGRY about the lies you have accepted as truth.

it was okay to believe this nonsense when you were 5 but NOW, you are a grown-ass adult and you have known for a while that something is not right about the way you are doing life BUT YOU HAVE NOT HAD THE COURAGE TO CHANGE IT!

People ARE selfish


Just like you are supposed to make yourself a priority in your own life

Just like you are supposed to love yourself and treat yourself, your dreams, your visions with respect

Stop looking to other people to do what you are refusing to do for yourself.

DEMAND that your prospective clients STEP UP and pay your prices.

HOLD your ground when those who are so used to you acting like you are worth nothing, try to bring you back down to the mire of noise, nonsense and drama.

GET UP ONTO YOUR THRONE and declare yourself UNAVAILABLE for the nonsense.

Get clear on the transformation you offer

Price it well

Feel a little tension as you set your new pricing

And DECIDE to hold your ground and NEVER EVER allow yourself to be undercut again.

GIVE YOURSELF the accolades and the praise and the love you keep trying to get from other people

Go sit with the Divine and let HIM love you powerfully

REalise FULLY that you are safe and supported by the Universe

Realise FULLY that your true clients are available and you no longer have to just settle for anyone willing to throw you a few pennies or give you a nice comment and a ‘like’.

Cry, wail, weep at all the time you have wasted trying to be something other than YOU.

And then show up in the world FULL OF SELF and do the work you are truly called to do – Change lives, make a difference and get paid freaking well for it.

You, like everyone, deserve to thrive and prosper

But YOU will be the one to firmly demand that you thrive and prosper rather than just wish for it, talk about it, pray for it, hope for it.

YOU are the leader who rises above the noise and calls people higher.

You stake your claim and take back dominion over your territory

And you choose to keep expanding it.

This is YOUR life and you DECIDE NOW to live it to the fullness of your potential.


NOW! you will truly do all that you are called to do

Finally, you are awake.

Your business strategy probably needs some work if you are going to call in the right clients for you so go now and get a free copy of my book – The 6-FIGURE SPIRITUAL BUSINESS Book at  Use the strategy I detail in there to uplevel the work you do in the world.

Now is your time to thrive and prosper.  Will you courageously claim the very best that life has to offer?

The choice is yours.

Much Amazing Love

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